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6 Pride-themed food items to order in Bangkok this week

Food is one of the best ways to celebrate Pride. 

There are many ways you can celebrate Pride throughout the year. You can listen to music by one of the greats, you can rock some Pride sneakers, or you can watch some movies that celebrate Pride. Although our pride in being who we are will always stay with us throughout the year, June is probably the most special month to celebrate with limited edition products. 

As the end of June approaches, it’s time to stock up on some Pride-themed food items. Some of these are available the whole year round, while others are a limited edition only. Here are some of our favourite picks of the mix. 

[Hero Image Credit: Caitlyn Wilson/Unsplash]


Guss Damn Good has brought back their Equality Ice Cream, which consists of a fresh milk base with toffee cracked sprinkles. The Boston-style ice cream brought out this ice cream years prior alongside the now discontinued flavour, Love Is Love, to tell a story of gender diversity in celebration of Pride Month. Each element of the ice cream represents a different struggle and section of the cause, and it joins together in a flavour that has become many people’s favourite.

[Image Credit: Guss Damn Good via Instagram]

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The brand that rules cookie lover Instagram is now expanding at a crazy rate. CEO Pinn started creating these cookie masterpieces in 2018, and has recently added ice cream to her selection. Their Love Is Love Bundle allows you to create your own ice cream sandwich. The bundle includes two scoops of ice cream, four cookies of your choosing, and rainbow sprinkles to represent the pride flag.

[Image Credit: The Rolling Pinn via Instagram]

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Celebrate Pride Month with BKK Bagel’s pride bagel. They have been serving the traditional New York-style bagels since 2011. For 2021’s Pride Month they have introduced this Pride Bagel. It includes vibrant colours of blue and orange wrapped in the classic yellow bread colour. They have also taken this opportunity to pair it with some cream cheese, smoked salmon, and herbs. Not only is it a great breakfast food, it is also a delicious way to celebrate Pride.

[Image Credit: BKK Bagels via Instagram]

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Dessert is best paired with a cup of coffee. Casa Lapin has recently introduced their own Espresso blend for Pride Month. It is an Ethiopian and Costa Rican blend, all processed naturally. They have it available in both drip form and regular form. With hints of green apple, peach, and honey, it pairs perfectly with the cakes and ice creams we have listed above.

[Image Credit: Casa Lapin via Instagram]

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Croissants are being sought out like crazy during this lockdown, with new croissant places popping up left and right. Namwan Bakehouse has taken much time and effort to perfect their pride collection for June. They have Rainbow Croissants and special rainbow bagels. Their pride croissant is filled with cream cheese and raspberry to cut the buttery taste of the croissant itself. Not only do they have baked items to offer, but they have also changed up the interior of their store to celebrate even more.

[Image Credit: Namwan Bakehouse via Instagram]

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The W Bangkok also has its own Pride products to offer. They are celebrating Pride with a colourful set of burgers. The vibrant buns can be topped with Waygu Beef, Chicken or even vegetarian options, and can be bought alone or as part of a set. They are available for delivery only until the end of August.

[Image Credit: W Bangkok via Instagram]

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