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Review: Siwilai Café at Central Embassy

The fashion retail store Siwilai has opened its own namesake café on the fifth floor of Central Embassy. The Siwilai Café features international favourites and focuses on brunch items from around the world. Combining the freshest local produce and exquisite imported ingredients, the restaurant brings some of our best-loved egg dishes forward.

Siwilai Café Central Embassy


With an al fresco terrace overlooking lush greenery in the area, Siwilai Café is a modern space amidst a spacious interior of warm wood tones. When you step into this café, your attention is immediately captured by a white marble coffee bar with wooden stools. Casual elegant, the walls behind the coffee bar are tiled with bright, earthy colours.

Food and Drink

Siwilai Café uses local produce within international dishes, each carefully crafted and beautifully presented. Most of the ingredients are procured from artisanal producers such as the Royal Project and Bangkok’s eminent butcher Sloane’s.

Siwilai Café Central Embassy

Try Siwilai’s spin on shakshuka, a Middle Eastern classic where poached eggs are baked in spiced tomato and feta in a skillet. Served with warm crusty bread, the dish is the epitome of comfort food. We also recommend the joke, which is a warm, rice porridge with the addition of a poached egg and braised pork belly. Pickled radish are served on the side to temper the heftiness of this dish.

For those who enjoy a good egg benedict, you will not be disappointed here. The eggs are perfectly poached and rest atop of crisp English muffins, served with a drizzle of homemade Sriracha hollandaise.

Siwilai Café Central Embassy

Other than egg dishes, we also loved the granola bowls and beetroot hummus, which is served with smoked eggplant, tzatziki dips, and grilled pita.

 Siwilai Café Central Embassy

The coffee at Siwilai Café is supplied by Chiang Mai-based roaster Pacamara. If you are looking for a light, refreshing sip, try their citrus-infused, cold-brewed coffee. There are also an array of creative cocktails on the drinks menu, which are all designed by Sugar Ray, one of the city’s leading coteries of cocktail creationists.

Siwilai Café Central Embassy


Surrounded by the area’s lush greenery, Siwilai Café lets you temporarily forget that you are within Central Embassy. With the chic-elegant furnishing and plenty of natural lnight, the sleek space has a setting reminiscent of a suburban small bistro. If you are looking for a new brunch spot, we recommend you dropping by and giving it a try. And maybe check out the fashion pieces, vinyl albums and home décor offered in the retail corner as well.

Siwilai Café, Level 5, Central Embassy, Bangkok