A smoothie bowl is like an edible sunshine and rainbow.

Whether it’s the deep-violet acai bowl or just the regular fruit-packed blend, the smoothie has a charm that never fails to lure in those who eat first with their eyes. However, some food artists and master cooks have absolutely cranked the art of the smoothie bowl up a notch by turning the multi-coloured liquids into a form of artistry – think, even Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on a smoothie or a mermaid-inspired acai bowl.

So for those who consume smoothies as a main food group or even those who want to get into the healthy food craze, these smoothie art tutorials will make your health-boosting drinks more slurp-worthy – and instagrammable.

[Featured image credit: Instagram/maggielu_delicious; hero image credit: Unsplash/Brenda Godinez]

Smoothie Bowl Tips from Naturally Jo

Naturally Jo is a smoothie bowl wizard. His Instagram page is dotted with a selection of food art, with a highlight on beautifully curated smoothie art using mainly frozen fruit and homemade gummy decorations crafted out of agar-agar and fruit juice.

Edible Artwork

For a smoothie bowl that pleases both your tummy and your Instagram followers’ eyes, these recipes should be your next moves. And although each one seems incredibly hard to achieve, the step-by-step guide here will show you how easy it is to get used to a smoothie base as a canvas for your next masterpiece.

Smoothie Bowls For Every Zodiac Sign

For more simple and versatile designs that don’t require much except the stuff you have in your fridge and pantry, these recipes are the go-tos. Each bowl is created based on 12 zodiac signs, topping up on the fun for everyone in your family or peer group.

Anime-Themed Smoothie Bowls

For healthy, kid-luring smoothie bowls, opt for these anime-themed, cartoon-inspired smoothie bowls to get your little ones or even adults gorging on fruit and veggies in a more pleasurable way.

Drinkable Smoothie Art

Those who love coffee art, get ready to be amazed by these amazing patterns in your smoothie glass. The smoothie artist from Hachiko District showcases how she perfects her Insta-worthy cups according to what’s available in season.

Smoothie Base

Last but not least, let’s get back to the basics on how you can achieve the smoothie’s hue according to your liking. Whether you want pastel blue, hot pink, or even living coral, this video tutorial will walk you through all the steps and ingredients you need to know, and take to create a stunning canvas for your bowl. Getting the right palette for your bowl will already assure your half-way success to your smoothie art project.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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