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Post-holiday weight gain? Try these 5 Thai clean foods

Looking for ways to help you jumpstart healthy eating habits after the holidays? We’ve got you covered. Here are some clean foods to help you shed extra calories and speed up weight loss in Bangkok.

It may be a particularly traumatising experience when you get on the scale after the holidays. Holiday weight gain is inevitable, especially when we’re finally able to travel and celebrate after rounds and rounds of lockdown and being cooped up in our homes. However, holiday weight loss after the holidays doesn’t have to be daunting. Regular exercise and eating healthy foods are key, and knowing what and where to buy the latter will make things so much easier for you. Here, we’ve curated 5 clean foods to help you effectively lose weight after the holidays and get you back in shape.

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5 Thai clean foods to help you speed up your holiday weight loss

Nize Seasonings

Clean flavour enhancers will make you forget all those sweeteners and sodium sources that normally use. Our top pick? Nize Seasonings. They have a wide selection of clean seasoning to help you achieve that satisfying food comfort sensation without extra calories. From the healthy Knorr substitute to low-calorie spices, they’ve got all that you need to add that flavour hit to your meal.

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Gingen Ginger Tea

For those who aren’t up for drinking hot water with raw ginger just yet, a cup or two of Gingen Ginger Tea each day can significantly speed up weight loss and increase metabolism. In addition to its impressive health benefits, this warm and invigorating Gingen Ginger Tea can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and boost brain health. It makes a perfect spicy caffeine-free alternative to your morning coffee, too.

[Image Credit: Gingen]

The Charming Garden Jelly Fiber Drink

Is stomach bloating bothering you? No big deal. Get yourself The Charming Garden Jelly Fiber Drink every night for a consistent morning routine. It’s a can’t-miss weight loss essential that can improve the digestive system and help you acquire a slim figure. Build it into your daily pre-bedtime routine for optimum results.

[Image Credit: The Charming Garden]

4 /5

Llamito Superfood Tri-Colour Organic Quinoa

This grain is everywhere for a reason, and it’s a great nutritious carb fix for all the carb lovers out there. Especially the Llamito Superfood Tri-Colour Organic Quinoa serves as a fantastic substitute for acid-forming grains such as barley and wheat. Also, it provides long-lasting energy and feeds on the good bacteria in your gut to prevent bloating as well.

[Image Credit: Llamito Superfood]

Moki Baked Veggie Snacks

Curb your sweet tooth with Moki Baked Veggie Snacks when the sweet cravings strike. Packed with baked vegetables in various colours, it’s a perfect choice if you’re having a hard time eating sufficient vegetables. It makes a great addition to a muscle-building diet, too.

[Image Credit: Moki]

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