Falling on 26 November this year, the fast-approaching Thanksgiving is here to put a smile back on our faces, reminding us to put the past month’s chaos to rest and be thankful for what we’ve got.

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And for those who are looking to throw a feast for their loved ones for this special holiday, we know whipping up what seems to be the year’s biggest feast is labour-intensive, if not extremely nerve-racking. But fret not, because we feel your pain. This curated list of Thanksgiving cooking videos will walk you through 101 lessons on how to host a stress-free yet still food-packed feast that will wow all your family and friends. From cranberry sauce to stuffing and green bean casserole, these videos will show you Thanksgiving is so much more than just a roast turkey day.

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Small Kitchen, Big Thanksgiving with Alison Roman

In our opinion, here’s a Thanksgiving dinner bible in the form of 37 minute video. A famed cookbook authors and NYT columnist, Alison Roman is known for her innovative, vibrant food, and free-spirited cooking style. And just like how her viral recipes The Stew and Caramelized Shallot Pasta didn’t disappoint, her personal takes on Thanksgiving dishes also promise umami-packed results. No-stress preparation and happy guests.

One-pot, One-pan Thanksgiving with Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark is a kitchen fairy; she has all the tips and tricks for how to recreate restaurant-standard meals at home. And when it comes to Thanksgiving cooking, her one-pot, one-pan approach to the year’s arguably most stressful meal is very thoughtful for all her viewers.

Perfect Thanksgiving Meal with The BA Test Kitchen

The BA Test Kitchen of Bon Appétit magazine never lets us down with their repertoire of foolproof recipes. So expect nothing short of excellence for their Thanksgiving feast edition that will walk you through how to whip up the perfect roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, sides, and pie.

Five-course Thanksgiving Menu for Turkey Haters

Calling out all turkey haters: we know you’re out there. This video by Tasty will show you how you can still rock a Thanksgiving meal even when it’s turkey-free.

Cheaper and Fuss-free Thanksgiving Meal

For the kind of Thanksgiving that fits right into your end-of-the-year hectic schedule, Joshua Weissman‘s version of a Thanksgiving dinner should be your move. The recipes are straightforward and require not too long of an ingredient list to free you from unnecessary cooking stress.

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