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A quest for the best chicken burgers in Bangkok

Maybe you don’t eat beef or pork. Maybe you just want to switch things up. Maybe, like us, recently you’ve just wondered where to find the best chicken burgers in Bangkok.

A good chicken burger isn’t just the chicken alternative at a regular burger joint. It needs to be made with love. It is often friend to crisp perfection. It can be paired with an endless slew of sauces, toppings, and sides. And most importantly, it needs to taste mother-clucking (we almost want to say “finger-licking”) good.

On a quest to find the best chicken burgers in Bangkok, a lot of the places we found also sell beef, pork, or vegan burgers, yet we appreciate how much love they put into their chicken burgers. Read on for our must-try list.

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Crave Man, much like cave men, really lets the meat shine in their burgers and subs, and we like that their Super Chick Burger is made with 2 grilled chicken breasts, lettuce, grilled onions, and pickles. Keeping it classic, you can pair it with either Aioli BBQ or Honey Mustard sauce, and add an array of sides (we’re eyeing the mozzarella sticks) to complete your all-American diner-style meal. Crave Man is also an outdoor restaurant, so it’s perfect for those not comfortable dining indoors just yet.

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Artisan Craft Burgers prides itself in making handcrafted burgers and is most famous for its 15 homemade fries sauces (yup!). They have two chicken burger options, both of which are made using buttermilk fried chicken. Whilst the regular is a comforting pleaser, we really like the Korean Fried Chicken Burger made with crispy lettuce, pickles, and a fiery sauce. Artisan Craft Burgers also have a special selection of craft beers which you could enjoy post alcohol ban, too.

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No place beats Fowlmouth when it comes to fried chicken in Bangkok, and naturally they have a killer fried chicken burger. The Nashville-style hot chicken is dusted in secret spices to give it extra crunch and flavour, and can be ordered at various levels of spice. Definitely get the Fried Pickles and Mac & Cheese as a side here, as this one is sure to burn (in the very best way).

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It’s fun to see a burger joint take chicken burgers to the next level, and CHUNKY really had their fun with it. They have various chicken burger options that have taken on a sophisticated tangent for flavour. From a Chicken with Salted Egg & Cheese Burger over to a Chicken Caesar or Chicken Tamarind Burger, there are some very cool options here for those who want to get a little experimental. Very playful, very memorable.

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For those who are extremely hungry, head to Better Burger BKK and get yourself the chicken burger. It’s really a mouthful, boasting Sriracha mayo, red cabbage, tomato, and jalapeño as toppings. At Better Burger, you can even add extra fried chicken patties to your burger, so size up to your heart’s content.

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Maybe you want to switch up your chicken burger order. Maybe Tokiojojo is just the place. Popular with students, the casual Japanese-American restaurant serves up a lot of fried chicken dishes, and has a highlight Mother Clucker Sando as a chicken burger option. Balancing fried satisfaction with subtle Japanese flavours, it’s definitely a must-try for lovers of Asian cuisine.

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STAX is a crowd favourite for many reasons, and interestingly (even) their chicken burger ranks high on likes. Now open again at Saphan 55, they serve up a classic American chicken burger. It’s no fuss and no hassle, and is the type you could actually order more than one of to enjoy. Chicken burger fans will understand.

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