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The best churros to order in Bangkok

There’s no reason to explain why churros are such a beloved treat worldwide.

Churros are simply just the snack that can’t go wrong. They’re the ultimate food that fills the air with a pleasantly sweet aroma. They’re a little hard to find in Bangkok. But don’t worry, here’s the list of places that deliver churros right to your doorstep to satisfy your dessert craving.

[Hero Image Credit: Felix Girault/Unsplash]


Dolly Churros Cafe supposedly has the best churros not only in Bangkok, but in all of Thailand. This churro specialist not only serves original churros, but also a variety of handcrafted churros menus that you’ve never seen before. Apart from their oreo churros sundae and strawberry and chocolate churros sundae that you have to try, be on the lookout for their seasonal menus as well. Besides, make sure to pair the regular churros with a soothing hot chocolate to treat yourself to a perfect afternoon snack.

[Image Credit: Dolly Churros Cafe]

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This Korean-franchised outlet has the churros that always get everyone talking about. 1Q84 Churros also offers one of the most colorful churros you’ll ever see. Their 50-cm-long signature stick coated with Nutella and toppings of various colours and flavours is what they are widely known for. You can even order with ice creams, but their Nutella Rainbow Almond Churros is what you’ll regret not ordering.

[Image Credit: 1Q84 Churros]

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This little hidden Mexican gem brings you the tastiest Mexican tacos and also the absolute best churros. Taco & Salsa fries up freshly-made Spanish-style dough that are perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Coated with lovely cinnamon sugar and served along with the classic chocolate dip, it’ll have you going back for seconds and even thirds.

[Image Credit: Taco & Salsa]

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Yes, we’re talking about the Korean fried chicken restaurant chain. Bonchon has upped its game beyond fried chicken with mouth-watering churros. While your choices of dipping sauce include caramel and condensed milk, you should definitely check out the churros with caramel sauce and macadamia fudge ice cream and the Chocomalt churros.

[Image Credit: Bonchon]

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