TWG Tea wants to give you more than just a cup of tea. In celebration of its fifth anniversary, they are launching a brand-new Thai menu at the the TWG Tea Salon & Boutique at Emporium. And that’s not all – they’re putting a new spin on classics by incorporating tea into the traditional recipes. Uniquely imagined, each of the nine tea-infused Thai dishes is also paired with a specially selected tea.

Pomelo salad, TWG Tea

For those who enjoy sharing nibbles and sipping tea with friends and family, don’t skip the Thai platter. Stunningly presented in a three-tier afternoon tea stand, the platter is a delicious spread of aromatic Thai delights. The top tier features a ruby-red pomelo salad which is tossed in a spicy, Miss Tea-infused dressing, and topped with shrimp and pomegranate. Bite-size portions on the second tier include: Sencha green tea-coated beef jerky, Black Nectar Tea-infused spicy minced chicken salad in cucumber cups, and Earl Grey Gentleman-smoked salmon spicy salad rolls.

On the last tier, you’ll find deep-fried spring rolls filled with crabmeat, vermicelli noodles, and stir-fried vegetables, accompanied with tangy tamarind sauce that has been infused with Caramel Tea. Beside these crispy bites, there’s also a selection of satay — chicken, prawn and wagyu beef — served with a Coconut Tea-infused peanut sauce and a pickled acar sauce. All of these treats are paired with the Early Grey Buddha, an exquisite blend of Earl Grey, green teas, rare bergamot from Sicily Island, and Provençal rosé.

Lobster phad gaprow, afternoon tea set at TWG Tea

As for mains, we’d highly recommend the lobster phad ga prow. The luscious crustacean is stir-fried with fresh chilli and holy basil, and sprinkled with Black Nectar Tea. Accompanied with a fried egg and Jasmine Tea-infused jasmine and riceberry rice, this phad gaprow is probably the most lavish and fragrant one in town. TWG Tea has matched up this phad gaprow with Royal Orchid Tea, which is a semi-fermented Formosa oolong. Enticing and elegant, the brew has an intoxicating perfume of a night-blooming orchid that permeates the tea.

Crustacean wonton soup, TWG Tea

If you’re a lobster lover, you might want to try their crustacean wonton soup as well. Savoury and comforting, the wonton dumplings are filled with an artisanal mix of lobster, crab and prawn, plus a whiff of truffle. Garnished with baby bok choy and served in an aromatic Imperial Oolong tea broth, the soup is simply heart-warming. And of course, the dish is also paired with one of their signature teas – the Secrets of Siam Tea. A blend of blue and green tea with a touch of ginger, the tea boasts piquant notes and slight tanginess.

Chu chee pla hima, fried snow fish served with Thai red curry sauce, and steamed jasmine and riceberry rice.

Brimming with creativity, their decadent dessert creations deserve their own applause. The assorted TWG tea patisseries features rare kleeb-lam duan shortbread cookies, which are perfumed with Eternal Summer Tea. A type of royal khanom, these crumbly cookies are shaped to resemble the night bloom flower lamduan. Served alongside is the delicate homemade mangosteen sorbet layered with Pink Flamingo Tea jelly, and a strawberry almond tart scented with Silver Moon Tea. All of these sweet confectionaries are paired with the exclusive Eternal Summer Tea, which consists of fresh jasmine blossoms and theine-free South Africa red tea.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, The Emporium Shopping Complex, Ground Foor, 622 Sukhumvit Road, Klong Ton, Klong Toey, Bangkok, + 66 9 2259 9510