Bangkok’s restaurants that are placing Thailand’s culinary scene on the world stage keep progressing with new creative dishes. Hence, the city has never run dry of unique eats. So if you’re currently cruising the streets searching for distinctive, uncompromisingly delicious food, we’ve curated a list of ten stunning yet sumptuous dishes we tried this November. Let’s jump in the unique-eats bandwagon and stay up-to-date on Bangkok’s culinary scene.

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Lupicante by Mozza By Cocotte

Lobster and pizza? This is by far the best joint venture of the world’s two yummiest foods. Laden with the bright bisque tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella, and a healthy heap of green peas, this pie made by the talented team of Mozza By Cocotte will soon be your go-to pizza on any good night out.

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Oysters with Ponzu and Momiji from JUA

For a stellar starter that goes well with any fizzy amber liquid, JUA absolutely nails it with their beautifully shucked oysters drizzled with ponzu and topped with Momiji Oroshi (Japnese grated daikon coloured with red chilli) — which help to add a yuzu aromatic rind and pungent taste to the oyster liquor without needing extra sauce.

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Duck In A Hole by Bunker

Can an egg-in-a-hole dish get any fancier? We don’t think so. The roast duck and smoked mushroom alone already makes Bunker’s Duck In A Hole a star. But the garlic toast and sunny-side-up egg also adds up an extra mile of deliciousness that is worth every mouthful bite.

Image credit: Bunker 

Smoked Chicken by The District Grill Room & Bar

What is it about turkey that inspires the need to be share? Let’s admit it; when the festive season comes round, some of us do secretly wish we could have our own individual turkey. And seems like The District Grill Room & Bar heard our needs. Hence the smoked, glossy chicken was here for a while to satisfy our cravings for poultry. Though the dish is now gone, we are still very much mesmerised by its greatness. So putting it as one of the unique eats seems absolutely appropriate. However, the fuelled venue still offers sumptuous steak — which is equally delicious to the Smoked Chicken if we do say so ourselves.

Image credit: The District Grill Room & Bar

Omurice with Deep-Fried, Soft-Shell Crab from OMU CentralWorld

Deep-fried, soft-shell crab on omurice (Japanese fluffy omelette rice) with luscious demi-glace sauce — what’s not to love? So if you’re a true Japanese food devotee, OMU CentralWorld is all the rage at the moment for its omelette rice-focused dishes.

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Pan-Fried Minced Pork & Trat Salted Fish Cake

Serving rustic Eastern Thai cuisine, Sri Trat restaurant is where all the chefs seem to head to at the moment for their authentic Thai food fix. This Pan-Fried Minced Pork with Trat Salted Fish Cake is particularly our favourite. Salted fish cake lends this perfect saltiness to the dish while the lime, shallot and chilli add an extra kick that brightens up the whole plate.

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Osso Bucco Alla Milanese from Jamie’s Italian Bangkok

If you’re anything like us – sometimes we don’t choose to eat risotto as a meal; we do have it mainly just for the sake of indulgence. There’s really something about this plush, creamy, cheese-basted rice that is always so rich and heart-warming. Vivid and rich in taste and colour, this Osso Bucco Risotto is comprised of slow-cooked veal atop the sunshine-shade saffron risotto cooked with red wine and Mediterranean veggies. If you’ve seen and tasted good risotto before, we’re sure your past risotto experiences is nothing compared to this one. We actually sampled this one during a preview of Jamie’s Italian’s Festive Feast menu and you’ll be glad to know that this particular dish can be devoured throughout the month of December, alongside 2 other epic Christmas courses for the price of THB 1,295.

Image credit: Jamie’s Italian Bangkok 

Paella Vegetariana from Toro Bangkok

Forget the fried rice, let Toro’s paella take over your dinner table in the next few months instead. The Spain-native dish is always packed with nutrients and flavours. But Toro’s Paella Vegetariana, in particular, is suitable for any fitness buff or healthy-minded folks. Packed with veggies like mushroom, artichokes and rockets, this veggie-laden paella will bring unexpected flavour to the typical seafood-laden paella you’ve had before.

Image credit: Toro Bangkok

Fresh Oyster and Uni from Teppan Niku Kappo Bangkok

At Teppan Niku Kappo, the Japanese head chef put a fancy spin on these pristine oysters. Showered in cheese-like uni (sea urchin) sauce, the oyster then gets flambéd until it turns a nice golden-brown with an almost-burnt crust on top. A fan of uni? This one is sure worth a try.

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Shrimp Tempura and Spicy Tuna Sushi by Akira Back

Known for its famous Tuna/ Eringi Pizza and the juicy AB Tacos, Akira Back is back to impress us with their Shrimp Tempura and Spicy Tuna Sushi. The Eel sauce which covers and coats the deep-fried shrimp tempura transforms your typical fried foodstuff into an addictive appetiser that pairs so well with the high-carb Spicy Tuna sushi.

Image credit: Akira Back Bangkok

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