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Unique Eats: Bangkok bites we loved this August 2019

Bangkok’s restaurants are placing Thailand’s culinary scene on a world stage, and only keep progressing with new, creative dishes. The city never seems to run dry of unique eats to try. So if you’re currently cruising the streets searching for distinctive and uncompromisingly delicious food, we’ve curated a list of seven stunning yet sumptuous dishes we tried this month that are bound to delight you. Let’s jump right onto the unique eats bandwagon and stay up-to-date with Bangkok’s culinary scene.

Hero image credit: Unsplash/Spencer Davis

Pe Aor Tom Yum Noodle

Having this tom yum at Pe Aor Tom Yum Noodle is like having a boatload of seafood; the bowl is packed with lobster, river prawns, and squid swimming in a sweet and spicy coconut-enriched soup. It’s their signature dish that is as Instagrammable as it is ridiculously delicious and heart-warming.

Image credit: Instagram/regrafael

Mensho Tokyo BKK

Wagyu doesn’t always belong on a steak dish — the premium top-notch dish also makes a great addition to a bed of warm broth and springy noodle. Mensho Tokyo BKK takes this A5 Wagyu Shoyu Ramen seriously by marinating the meat for 24 hours straight before sous-viding and grilling it to add appetising colour to the beef. Delish.

Image credit: Instagram/biggerbelly_

Maison Chatenet

If you were to round up ten of the world’s most comfort-filled desserts, chouquettes had better be on the list due to its butteriness and custardy texture. A visit to Maison Chatenet within Charoenkrung 30 earlier this month has made us fall head over heels for the French staple snack. Bejewelled with pearl sugar, the choux pastry boasts a sweet, semi-crunchy crust while the inside remains a doughy and luscious.

Goji Kitchen & Bar

The live cooking stations at Goji Kitchen & Bar are impressive, but what appears to be beyond splendid is their copper pan filled to the brim with roasted, caramelised garlic cloves at the steak station. Like jewels, but edible, the piled up garlic cloves which we piled up on every type of food they serve — think Chinese, Japanese and Thai food — add an extra oomph that totally completed our buffet feast experience.

Image credit: Instagram/faifaimm


There’s no doubt about it: other than being a very good fruit snack, guava makes a fantastic jam . Seeing this Passion Fruit and Guava Soufflé, however, might change the way you look at what guava could do in the dessert world, rather than just being a fruit spread. OCKEN offers up their new, iconic soufflé with nutty honey pecan ice cream and a tangy blueberry sauce that will take the soft, slightly-sour soufflé to a whole other level.

Jukkumi Thailand

Bibimbab fans who, like us, love the crispy bits of rice, will absolutely take a fancy for this Jukkumi Bokkeum Fried Rice at Jukkumi Thailand. It comes first as a Korean-style stir-fried octopus dish for diners to enjoy before getting mixed with rice and tobiko (flying fish roe). Stir everything well and press the rice against the pan to create those crispy, slightly-burned bits which will pack up tons of toothsome flavours.

Image credit: Instagram/everyday.restaurant.bangkok

Baan Tepa

Here’s a sticky rice and moo ping dish in a new light. Crafted by the creative team of chefs from “Baan Tepa” as part of their ’90’s Kids: Food Nostalgia’ pop-up over at Kasnäs a little while, meals here all represented a unique, deconstructed, yet delightful dishes. This street food staple is a good example, turning into an oh-so-fancy dish of grilled pork and creatively formed sticky rice.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
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