Bangkok’s restaurants – which are placing Thailand’s culinary scene on the world stage – keep progressing with new creative dishes. Hence, the city never seems to run dry of unique eats. So if you’re currently cruising the streets searching for distinctive, uncompromisingly delicious food, we’ve curated a list of ten stunning yet sumptuous dishes we tried last December that are bound to delight you. Let’s jump right into the unique-eats bandwagon and stay up-to-date on Bangkok’s culinary scene.

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Lhong Tou cafe

A meal at Lhong Tou Café will always remind you of all the food scenes you often see in Chinese films. The Yaowarat cafe, with its Chinese-style interior, serves sumptuous dumplings, lava buns, spring rolls, and tea-based drinks. We, however, often stop for the Chinese Set (THB 129), a food tray comprised of a warm bowl of rice porridge and an assortment of side dishes to go along with the rice.

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Café Tropicana

Tropical-themed cafes and bars are slowly taking over the streets of Bangkok these days. People just like the idea of having a place or two as a forest escape without having to drive too far from the city. And when Café Tropicana in Lum Luk Ka district started serving a selection of ice cold frappes and smoothies in their extreme tropical forest setting, the place turned out to be every jungalow-devotee and cafe connoisseurs’ favourite spot to visit. Whether you like this Lemon & Passionfruit Smoothie (THB 135), Matcha Frappe (THB 150), or the dark, wickedly rich Chocolate Indulgent Frappe (THB 160), this place will satisfy all your frappe and smoothie needs in no time.


Although the essential Thai dipping sauce “Nam Pla Prik” is not new, fermenting a yolk in a pungent fish sauce is totally a recent innovative slash awesome dish in the culinary world. Many venues are serving it but so far, the restaurant that seems to be doing it best is IZAKAYA TEPPEN, Thonglor. Served with the juicy Wagyu Beef Steak (THB 299), their Egg’s Nampar Sauce (THB 100) will heighten the rich savouriness of the meat like no soy sauce can.

Touche Hombre

The taco-fuelled haunt, Touche Hombre, knows everything about its Mexican spices. So when their Habanero Marinated BBQ Pork Ribs came out as part of the special Christmas menu, we knew we would trade the overly sweet, semi-good BBQ ribs for this glorious and totally delicious habanero-basted pork ribs instead. Served with caramelised grilled pineapple and bright corn salsa, the dish made our tongues salsa until the very last bite. Although the dish is long gone with Christmas, the venue continues to serve other spice-packed dishes like tacos, steaks, and salsas that are just as good.

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The mashup of pan-fried fish and butter-enriched sauce is sometimes more worth it than a dish of marbled steak. Especially at brassica, where the Thailand-raised sea bass is cooked to perfection before it gets drizzled with lemon caper butter and served with a side of golden-brown roasted potatoes. The venue also serves this special dish in limited portions per day and that’s what makes it even more special.


La Tana- Italian Restaurant

We absolutely adore cuts of steak in a multitude of dishes. But really, the best way to eat it is to have it on its own. That’s why when La Tana, a cozy-elegant Italian restaurant in Ekkamai, started serving up a big-fat piece of spice-coated Tomahawk, we knew we would always go back for more. The steak is gigantic and it’s umami-packed. So really, what is not to like when it can always satisfy our inner carnivore? Fair warning: the tomahawk steak is available only through reservation.

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La Dotta La Grassa

Doughnut might be the sweet devotees’ go-to breakfast or an after-meal dessert–but sometimes, the typical fried stuff can really get old. So when La Gotta La Grassa‘s Bomboloni–not just any sugar-coated bomboloni, think luscious Strawberry & Champange filling (THB 240)–came into the Bangkok’s doughnut scene, we knew the Italian-born doughnut would be all the rage.

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Luk Kaitong

One thing that’s more pleasing than a glass of Thai tea? A bowl of Thai tea-flavoured shaved ice! Though shaved ice in an assortment of flavours is not a new thing, the reimagined version by the modern Thai oriental restaurant, Luk Kaitong, is totally the popular newbie in Bangkok’s dessert world. The shape of avalanche-sized ice is taken up a notch with a generous dollop of whipped cream, a shower of condensed milk, nuts for an added crunch and also sponge cake pieces to add a soft and chewy dynamic. The flavour that has worked out really well for them is the Pang Cha LukKaiThong Royal (THB 295) in Thai tea flavour, which is the one you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

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