Bangkok’s restaurants – which are placing Thailand’s culinary scene on the world stage – keep progressing with new creative dishes. Hence, the city never seems to run dry of unique eats to try. So if you’re currently cruising the streets searching for distinctive and uncompromisingly delicious food, we’ve curated a list of ten stunning yet sumptuous dishes we tried this February that are bound to delight you. Let’s jump right into the unique-eats bandwagon and stay up-to-date with Bangkok’s culinary scene.

Featured image credit: Sushi Zo Bangkok; hero image: Lily Banse


Sushi Zo Bangkok

The Japanese ocean in one bite, wouldn’t you like to try this? Marinated in Dashi (Japanese stock made from dried kelp or fish), rice wine and soy sauce, the red caviar (Ikura) is used as an umami-packed base for the velvety Hokkaido uni on top. Situated within Athenee Tower, the omakase Japanese restaurant which branched out from its Michelin-starred sister in LA – Sushi Zo – has a wide selection of bite-sized dishes like this to offer throughout their 18-course-menu, or more if you can handle it.

Rarb by Escapade

Pad Kra Prao with Fried Egg for the Thais is a staple that always makes a downright satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner. The one served at Rarb by Escapade, the cool cocktail bar slash restaurant focusing on Isaan fare, in particular, is a very special one. It’s plated on an enamel bowl, just like the one you’d find at your grandma’s. If you like your holy basil stir-fried dish dried and flavour-packed instead of watery, this place has got just the thing to offer. Other dishes are all served over rice and fried egg also and that’s the restaurant’s signature move we’re absolutely drooling over.

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Via Maris

Grilled Octopus Tentacles with Chickpeas or Pimenton de la Vera (THB 690) at Via Maris is simply a celebration of colours on a plate. Although the chewiness from the two main ingredients requires a bit of a mouth exercise, the deliciousness obtained from this dish will make it worth all the energy spent on chewing. The humble chickpeas are also just the perfect counterpart to the well-seasoned octopus and sweet, plump raisins.

Chunky Burger

If there’s anything Chunky Burger is obsessed with, other than the meat-on-the-buns dish, it’s Thai ingredients. The burger-focused venue nestled in Sukhumvit 23 has really up their game by using local ingredients in their burgers – think salted egg and Thai mulberry and chilli paste. Inspired by Nam Prik Ong (Chiang Mai’s staple chilli relish), this Wife Burger (Pork/Beef  THB 270/330) comes stacked with a buttery bun smeared generously with the spicy jam, a juicy burger patty and a sunny-side-up egg in the middle. Personified as a married woman, this hamburger gives off spicy and sour flavours, portraying the character of a sassy and spiteful wife.

Bunker Sathorn

Who would have thought congee (Thai-style rice porridge) could be so visually stunning? Bunker Sathorn gives it a reimagined appearance and a full-flavoured deliciousness by adding sea urchin, squid and Vermouth before plating the congee elegantly in a sleek oyster shell. This Sea Urchin Congee (part of the five-course menu for THB 1,500) is the kind of creamy, comfort-filled dish that goes really well with any kind of drink the night is craving.

Rot Fai Market Ratchada (Train Night Market Ratchada)

Walk into the Rot Fai Market Ratchada and, lo and behold, you’ll see these finger-licking-good BBQ ribs awaiting to greet you on arrival at the food aisle. Smeared in molasses-y sauce, the BBQ ribs are grilled until caramelised before getting another delightful coating of barbecue relish. The two gigantic pieces of ribs then get plated on a long wooden tray alongside an array of herby condiments. Undoubtedly, this is an eye-catching dish that also boasts an Instgrammable aesthetic.

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After You

Japanese shaved ice, Kakigōri, is not a newbie in Bangkok’s food scene. Peach Yoghurt Kakigōri (THB 265) at After You, however, is a novel thing. Once scooped into your mouth, the shaved ice gives a punch of peach flavour that exhilarates your palate with its slightly acidic taste. Stuffed with lychee jelly, the two fruits come together perfectly in this summertime Kakigōri.

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