Bangkok’s restaurants – which are placing Thailand’s culinary scene on the world stage – keep progressing with new creative dishes. The city never seems to run dry of unique eats to try. So if you’re currently cruising the streets searching for distinctive and uncompromisingly delicious food, we’ve curated a list of 6 stunning yet sumptuous dishes we tried this month that are bound to delight you. Let’s jump right onto the unique-eats bandwagon and stay up-to-date with Bangkok’s culinary scene, shall we?

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Spice Market

You could say Spice Market is a meeting point where all the cool, regional Thai food meets; the Thai restaurant within Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel offers up a variety of decadent Thai dishes. What we particularly love is their new spin on Green Curry. Instead of ribbons of beef, The Gaeng Kiew Wan Nua Toon here uses beef cheek that has been slowly-braised in the spice-laden coconut milk until it is fork-tender.


Suddenly, the steak world just got even more seductive this month after the Michelin-starred guest chef, Chris Naylor of Vermeer in Amsterdam, paired his drool-inducing steak with the pungent som tam and granola at the steakhouse, Madison for “A Michelin-Starred Night to Remember” pop-up. The papaya salad added spicy depths whilst the granola added that much-needed crunch to the tender, medium-rare steak. Wonderful.

The Kicthen Table at W Bangkok

Dinner at The Kitchen Table at W Bangkok just got even tastier after the launch of their new meat-packed menu, “Tipsy Cow,” which is all about American-style barbecue dishes. What captures our minds – and tummies – the most about the drunk cow-themed dinner is their Australian Wagyu AA4 Tomahawk. The meat packs strong, beefy flavours that will surely satisfy the carnivore in you in no time.

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The extravagant degustation dinner hosted by Chef Deepanker Khosla of Haoma and Chef Nic Vanderbeeken of Apéritif Restaurant & Bar from Ubud left nothing but satisfaction in our stomachs. What stuck out the most about the excellent meal was Chef Deepanker’s Goan Fish Curry Bombs. It’s the good old fish and chips but with a flavourful kick of Indian spices. The curry foam on top and the chef’s house-made chutney totally made the crispy-skinned fish sing with toothsomeness.

Luka Moto

Instead of maple syrup, why not drown your waffle in gochujang for a fun twist? And hey, not any kind of waffle will deserve this Korean-native chilli sauce, it has to be the kimchi-spiked one only. At Luka Moto, an all-day brunch spot co-hosted by Luka Bangkok and BMW Motorrad, they are serving up Gangnam Style Chicken and Waffle (THB 270) where the deep-fried chicken thighs are touched with gochujang ketchup and placed atop the crispy-edged kimchi waffle. Seriously, waffles have never been this savoury and delicious.

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The Flavour Factor

Deliciousness sizzles here at The Flavour Factor. Famed for comfort fare meaty twists, the venue offers appetite-reviving dishes like grilled steak, pizza and pasta, all of which are made untypical by the addition of extra meat portions. Take a look at this Pasta Amatriciana, for example. Yes, the Amatriciana sauce is heavenly on its own but finishing off the dish with a chunky piece of crispy, marbled bacon just takes it to a whole new level.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
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