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Unique Eats: Bangkok bites we loved this June 2020

Bangkok’s restaurants are placing Thailand’s culinary scene on a world stage, and they keep progressing with new creative dishes.

Even after a pandemic-induced lockdown, Bangkok still seems to never run dry of unique eats to try. So if you’re currently cruising the streets (or your food delivery apps) searching for distinctive and uncompromisingly delicious food, we’ve curated a list of 7 stunning yet sumptuous dishes we tried this month that are bound to delight you. Let’s jump right onto the unique eats bandwagon and stay up-to-date with Bangkok’s culinary scene, shall we?

[Featured image credit: Instagram/kin.tee.nhai; hero image credit: Unsplash/Eaters Collective]

Polar Remy

Cheesecake is not new but the new shape and look at Polar Remy really gives the classic treat a new stellar makeover. The cheese-shaped cheesecakes by Polar Remy boast a warm yellow hue and luscious texture, cut with strawberry chunks hidden on the inside. With its instagrammable look, there’s no surprise it has become a sensation on social media at the moment.

Pacamara Coffee Roasters

These superb beverages by Pacamara Coffee Roasters all come in ultra-sleek packages. Get caffeinated with the Black Coffee Cold Brew, Thai-style Espresso, and White Ceylon Tea or indulge your inner sugar geek with Belgium Chocolate.

Image credit: Instagram/donny_eating

Enoteca Bangkok

Risotto is always a good excuse to have rice and cheese all at the same time. But if you’re tired of the OG version, Enoteca‘s Risotto Zafferano (THB 750) is laden with lusciousness from cheese and foie gras. The 30-year aged balsamic vinegar dotted on top also adds a splash of acidity, contrasting to the fattiness.

COAL Bistro

Black Angus is good charred and grilled to medium-rare perfection. But what makes it even more scrumptious here at COAL Bistro is the herb-speckled butter and foie gras atop the brown-blistered piece of steak. A must-try.

Monster Hunter Cuisine

Croissants are good plain but marvellous when punctuated with a big dollop of caviar, uni, and black truffle. The private dining service Monster Hunter Cuisine churns out a selection of mouth-walloping dishes as part of their ever-changing menu served in the comfort of your home. Apart from their famed Beef Wellington, we simply just can’t get enough of the look of this butter-packed croissant (THB 1,100).


For those who enjoy corn on the stick basted with butter and cheese, you can now find the dessert version here at iceDEA. The brand is all about innovative ice cream ­– think durian-shaped ice cream and lego ice cream that looks exactly like legos. This corn one comes in sweet corn flavour, stuffed with grilled cheese and charcoal crumble. Doesn’t that just sound delightful already?

Thai Dessert Can Moddii

If you’re having the same struggle as us – finding it hard to get the traditional Thai desserts these days – Thai Desser Can Moddii has a solution. You can now get your hands on canned Thai treats like Thong Yip, Thong Yod, and more. The best part? They have longer shelf life so you can always have them on hand whenever something sweet is needed.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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