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Unique Eats: Bangkok bites we loved (to order for delivery) this May 2020

Bangkok’s restaurants are placing Thailand’s culinary scene on a world stage, and they keep progressing with new creative dishes.

And even though the whole city is (still kind of) on a partial Coronavirus lockdown, Bangkok still seems to never run dry of unique eats to try — just now available through delivery services, instead of in-restaurant. So if you’re currently cruising the streets (or your food delivery apps) searching for distinctive and uncompromisingly delicious food, we’ve curated a list of 7 stunning yet sumptuous dishes we tried this month that are bound to delight you. Let’s jump right onto the unique eats bandwagon and stay up-to-date with Bangkok’s culinary scene, shall we?

[Featured and hero image credit: Prime Burger Sukhumvit]

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EBOMB Egg Sandwiches & Fries

If there’s one thing EBOMB Egg Sandwiches & Fries is teaching us this summer, it’s how to be eggs-tra. The all-about-egg sandwich shop packs a punch between the buns with pillowy scrambled eggs, truffle, uni, caviar, and even wagyu beef. It’s a substantial meal in one bun and it’s worth every satang – yes, Thai currency here.

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Little Market

If you’re not stopping by Little Market for their Bangkok-famous burger, then dip in there for their next-big-thing: the Philly Bird – a buttered, pan-toasted roll stuffed with grilled chicken, grilled onion and gooey cheese. Who said Philly cheesesteak had to be eaten only in Philadelphia? Nonsense. 

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MAKAI Açaí & Superfood Bar

To fight the virus, you’ve gotta stay fit and healthy. So for your afternoon treat, switch up for a bright and hearty acai bowl. MAKAI Açaí & Superfood Bar serves up a rainbow of fruit in a bowl to complement the nutrient-dense hero, acai berries, which create a rich purple hue in their smoothie mix. Luscious and delicious.

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Pizza Massilia

A newbie to pizza making? No fret. Test your talents with Bake me Home by Pizza Massilia, a pizza kit for a restaurant-like homemade meal. It’s also a kid-friendly dinner project and an assurance that your pizza is fresh and piping hot from the oven to your plate. No more soaky pizza. Problem solved.

5 /6

Caffè Olives

Unlike the often dull and dry granola, chunky granola is like a party guest you actually want to invite. It’s crunchy, full of flavours, and good on just about anything – especially a pool of almond milk or on a bed of greek yoghurt. And if you’re on a hunt for the perfect brand to purchase, Caffè Olives offers their signature desserts in an even more scrumptious form of chunky granola. We love the Honey Bun and Carrot Cake. Theirs makes a good companionship to a vanilla ice cream and even on a bowl of oatmeal for that much-needed crunch and sweetness.

6 /6

Prime Burger

We like the Bangkok Burger with double patties, fiery pickled jalapeños, and chili mayo at Prime Burger but we would drop dead at the sight of their Vegan and Vegetarian burgers using Beyond Meat, since it’s so darn juicy and just make us feel a little better when Green Monday arrives. Also, we can’t forget their drool-inducing set meal “Office Deal” which comes with four double burgers along with four french fries and four cans of soft drinks of your choice – enough to feed your whole team at just a price of THB 1,295.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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