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What to order for lunch when working from home

Maybe you don’t feel like having yet another sticky rice and pork skewer combo from the streetfood stall downstairs, and maybe you don’t feel like doing the dishes after following yet another TikTok recipe. Here’s what to order for lunch for delivery when working from home.

As the Covid-19 cases in Thailand only keep rising, many of us are back to working from home again. Yet whilst we’ve nailed how to look good on Zoom, how to wear pants when your camera is on, and when to wake up in time for the morning meeting, lunches while working from home have started to get mundane.

The thrill of home-cooking is gone (remember lockdown #1?), and the thrill of photographing your daily food delivery is gone (remember lockdown #2?). As the world starts to move forward and live with Covid-19, in some way, our pandemic eating habits have become less novelty and more normal.

But this doesn’t mean your lunch should be boring.

To inspire you a little, we’ve put together four work-from-home lunch ideas for your next midday break. These options do not break the bank, are suited to various WFH situations, and offer some great alternatives for when you want to switch things up. We don’t want to say lunch is the highlight of the day when working from home but it kind of is, and with these rice bowls, vegan burgers, and coffee combos, you’ll soon see why.

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What to order for lunch in Bangkok when working from home

Gone are the days of a #SadDeskSalad, and here are the days when Bangkok is blooming with interesting and healthy salad options. For times when you want to go down a nutritious yet filling route, why not opt for a wholesome salad or rice bowl? Whilst Jones’ Salad and Get Fresh are arguably the biggest and most popular household names, we’re also huge fans of the very unique toppings at Pimp my Salad (and their strong coffee and juice game). Here, you can create your own bowl or order one of the ready-made bowls, with plenty of options for even vegan and keto diets. On the note of special diets, consider TONIC for healthy food and whole grain bowls, designed especially for those looking to get all the right nutrients into their midday meal. They do meal plan subscriptions for super busy WFH-ers, too.

[Image Credit: Pimp my Salad]

There’s no denying that one of the perks of working from home is being able to take naps whenever you feel like them. For those who want to eat lunch in bed, or even Netflix during lunch hour, we suggest opting for an easy-to-eat, no drips, no frills meal. Rice bowls in particular are good for this, such as the wildly popular Easy Buddy krapao bowls. We love that there’s wagyu beef options for this, as well as cheekier alternatives like spam, salmon, and even mushroom. Order with a runny fried egg, mix, and you’re good to go. If you’re seeking something more refreshing, try the rice bowls from Japanese Shari Shari or Hawaiian Hunter Poke for a lighter bite. Not in the mood for Asian? Pala Pizza Romana boasts not only drool-worthy toppings, but cuts their pizza such that it makes for convenient handling even when you’re not dining at a table.

[Image Credit: Easy Buddy]

There are various ways you can go about long working-from-home days. Either you knock yourself out with a big meal (we recommend the ramen from Ramen Tei for portion size and value for money), or you pace yourself with smaller snacks spread out throughout your day. If the latter tickles your fancy, we like the idea of ordering various “everyday dumplings” from Jiaozi Block 28, and enjoying a different filling or style after each meeting. Want something a little more easy to eat? To keep you fresh and thinking on your feet throughout the day, you could consider turning to coffee and caffeine. For this, we like the set lunch combo from F.I.X Coffee, which includes a large coffee of your choice and either a croissant-panini or a brioche sandwich. If it’s going to be a super long day and you want something to look forward to at lunch time, go all out with a fancier meal choice, like chicken liver pate, roast beef carpaccio, and lasagna from Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina.

For this scenario, you’re going to want something that is fast and effective. For days where our time slot for lunch only comprises of a few minutes, we like to go all out with a Holy Moly sandwich. They’re a definite mouthful but they are extremely filling, packed with American diner favourites and lots of love, and manage to keep you full for very long. Equally as satisfying, since they only require your hands to eat them and can be devoured in just a few bites, we also love the tacos from La Monita Taqueria, which make a short lunch feel very worth it. It’s okay that this can get a little messy, since you’re working from home after all. Speaking of messy, if you’re a chicken wing lover, maybe Wing Spot could be the perfect quickie lunch you seek. Available in various flavours and with various sauces, the wings are quick and fun to devour. More in the mood for something Asian? You’ll never go wrong with sushi rolls from from ZURU, or their Japanese salads especially.

[Image Credit: Holy Moly]

If your nerves are running a little high because the big boss is going to drop some big news on you in the next meeting, calm your stomach with your lunch order. Chicken rice is always a good idea, and we’re particularly intrigued by the super modern, clean, and rich way the very trendy Hoong restaurant prepares it. If Hainanese cuisine doesn’t quite whet your appetite today, we also love Korean Bibimbap bowls (or a good Kimbap sandwich) for lunch. Get the ones from Super Seoul and let the colours brighten your day (and the accompanying broth soothe your nerves). Another colourful option is also the Vietnamese spring roll selection by Pho 14 for a bit of a lighter lunch that won’t make you lethargic. For a true classic, we love Jok Samyan for our dose of hearty rice porridge that always manages to hit the spot.

[Image Credit: Hoong]

If you felt instant relief the second you hit the Microsoft Teams “leave call” button and you’re looking to indulge, Bangkok’s lunch delivery options offer plenty of choice. We love going for a classic, juicy Arno’s Burger and Fries set lunch meal, or even a fun American-style Little Market burger with a milkshake (and chill cheese fries!) to suit. For those who prefer to get their hands dirty, opt for spicy fried chicken from Fowlmouth, and for those who prefer not to, why not try a Japanese tonkatsu set from one of the best in town at Katsushin? These options are deeply satisfying, and can easily cushion the blow of budget cuts, new KPIs, or — dare we say it — working public holidays.

[Image Credit: Fowlmouth]

Those who get carried away with work (or just practice intermittent fasting) may eat their lunch later than most, and this is slightly dangerous territory. If you eat too late you may be too full for dinner, and if you eat too heavy you may skip dinner and then snack late at night. To keep things balanced, late-lunch people should opt for lighter lunch options. Small but filling, we like Yumcha’s dumpling sets for this purpose, as they fill the stomach with deliciousness without overdoing it. Of course, you could always get Somtam Der (so long as you don’t over-order) and dig into the fiery and refreshing northeastern dish, or do a similar trick with a cold and revitalising açai bowl from Acai Story. Maybe your lunch is so late that you could consider it pre-dinner, and if that is the case we recommend the charcuterie boards from Cagette.

[Image Credit: Yumcha]

You probably already have a series of go-to brunch venues you like to visit, but have you ever tried ordering them for delivery while working from home? Bringing that weekend breakfast feeling into your home, we love to order the bagels from Sarnies for a light brunching lunch. For more indulgent options, Crackhouse makes a mean selection of pancakes, waffles, sausages, sandwiches, and burritos, with fresh orange juice to suit, too. For a trendy lunch, consider Luka’s selection, and throw in a good coffee and a healthy juice (you can turn it into a cocktail later). In the mood for Asian? Check out Lhong Tou’s set meals, which include options like Emperor Porridge sets, Chinese Breakfast sets, Chinese New Year Dim Sum, and more.

[Image Credit: Lhong Tou Cafe]

Whilst vegans work to save the animals and effectively save the planet, they still need to get good food when they’re working from home. Luckily, there are plenty of options. The obvious choices are Broccoli Revolution and Veganerie, which offer a full menu of vegan-only dishes. These are not only planet-friendly but also offer not only healthy options, so you can find pastas, pizzas, and other heavier indulgences on the menu, too. Speaking of indulgences, more and more non-vegan restaurants are starting to include vegan items on their menus, too. Our most curious picks here are Bang Bang Burger’s Beyond Meat plant-based cheeseburger, and Lust Ramen’s vegan ramen.

If you’re the type that wants to enjoy one meal for multiple days, opt for cuisines that are best enjoyed through an assemblage of dishes. For when the Chinese craving hits, go all out with mabo tofu, noodles, duck, and dumplings from Man Fu Yuan Kitchen, or put together a South Indian feast from Saravana Bhavan with vegetarian dosa, idli, and Manchurian favourites. Haven’t had Middle Eastern cuisine in a long time? Nadimos offers the perfect assortment and portion size to enjoy over a few meals. Lastly, there’s nothing quite as tasty as leftover pizza, so if that’s your jam for lunch today, go big with Soho Pizza, and enjoy it for lunch, dinner, and maybe even cold the morning after. You’re working from home. It’s a judgement-free zone.

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What to order for lunch when working from home

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