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Where to find chilli oil to pair with your food

The perfect pairing to your Italian food isn’t wine or cheese – it’s chili oil.

With lockdown, there have been so many new delivery spots and Instagram businesses that have opened. Everyone’s newfound love for cooking and baking has spurred new online stores selling everything from cookies to homemade pestos. But even with the rise of online businesses, one of the rarest things to find in Thailand is good chili oil. You would think that this isn’t true due to the amount of Italian takeout we have. But apart from restaurants, you can rarely find the infused oils that hit the right spot. Not to fear, we have your back. Here are some of the best places to find your chili oil.

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One of the best chilli oils available right now is from Meticulous. This chilli-infused extra virgin olive oil is the perfect food pairing. It goes perfectly with just about everything and it could be used with any meal. Meticulous will wake up your taste bud without harming your heart health. Order your next bottle from their Instagram or LINE to make sure your next meal is better than one you’ve ever had before.

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This restaurant has all you might need for your Italian needs. They have everything you might need to make your Italian feast for the family. But with all your Italian food the one thing you really need alongside it is the chilli oil of your dreams. You don’t have to look elsewhere, along with all your ingredients, you can also get the perfect Chilli Oil from the same place. This 250ml bottle is the key to unlock all the flavours in your food.

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Available to be delivered country-wide, Cravings & Co offers you their take on the Spanish chilli oil. This Bangkok-based store provides you with 100% Spanish olive oil that’s available in two sizes. It pairs perfectly with just bread or fries. They are available in many Vegan restaurants like Vistro Bangkok, Broccoli Revolution and Veganerie.  There are no preservatives or MSG in this product, so you don’t have to worry before you purchase yours.

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Chilis might not be the right level for your taste buds, instead, Sloane’s offers you a milder version of the infused oil. Their Garlic Oil is just right for those who do not like the additional spice to their food. Offering a milder taste, but is just as versatile. In a situation where you can’t find your supply of Garlic, Sloane’s will come in handy. A light drizzle over your salad or over toasted bread can be enough to make you fall in love.

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