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Where to find the prettiest festive cakes in Bangkok

Holiday celebrations and festive cakes are inseparable, and being able to find good ones will give you a wonderful experience. If you need a helping hand to plan ahead, here’s where you can find the best festive cakes in Bangkok

After a tough year, we all deserve a fun celebration with our loved ones. Especially for the coming holiday season, good treats are a can’t-miss to make your celebration a joyful one. As Bangkok is filling itself with the festive vibe, the food scene gets even more exciting with various Christmas cakes that can be found. If you’re looking for the best ones in town, here’s our guide to help you.

[Hero Image Credit: Bake a Wish; Featured Image Credit: The Rolling Pinn]

Where to find the best festive cakes in Bangkok

Elevate your Christmas celebration and make it a night to remember with the dreamy Christmas tree cake from The Rolling Pin. It’s fabulous for get-togethers and parties.

[Image Credit: The Rolling Pinn]

Chez Shibata 365 is where you’ll find the heavenly combination of fresh pastries with Japanese craftsmanship. Every piece of their art tells a story. Whether it’s yuzu tarts, cheese mousse, or the Mont Blanc, every bite is packed with Christmas flavour to keep you feeling festive all day long.

[Image Credit: Chez Shibata 365]

The holiday season is never complete without yule log cake or Buche de Noel. Patisserie Rosie Bangkok is reinterpreting the classic with their signature touch. It’s as delicious to eat as it is pretty to look at.

[Image Credit: Patisserie Rosie Bangkok]

The adorable Christmas-themed artisan cakes from Come Escape Café are a pleasure to the eyes and a pampering for your taste buds. They’ll be up for grabs at the end of this month so stay tuned.

[Image Credit: Come Escape Cafe]

Trying to lose weight but still feeling festive? Yellow Spoon Pastry is calling you. The gluten-free yule log cake won’t make you miss flour-based treats and worry about torching extra calories.

[Image Credit: Yellow Spoon Pastry]

Christmas treats don’t always need to come in grand size. These lovely cupcakes from Bake a Wish will delight any cupcake lover. They’re a satisfying guilty pleasure that you won’t be able to resist.

[Image Credit: Bake A Wish]

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