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Where to find the best beef rice bowls in Bangkok

Anyone who loves steak, barbecue, or burgers will devour this dish with gusto. Here are places in Bangkok that serve the best beef rice bowls.

A simple but flavour-packed meal that has gradually made its way into people’s list of comfort food, from Thai and Japanese, to fusion style, you can easily find beef rice bowls in every corner of Bangkok. If you’re searching for the real best ones in town, here’s a list to keep in mind.

Where to find the best beef rice bowls in Bangkok

Looking for one of the best lunch spots in Charoenkrung? 26Braisedbeef is calling you. Along with Thai condiments, they embrace the authentic Chinese cooking style to serve mouth-watering beef rice bowls that got us really hooked.

[Image Credit: 26Braisedbeef]

2 /12

If you’re craving the taste of American barbecue, look no further than Smoked. Through countless grilling, smoking, and roasting meats, you’ll have a beef rice bowl with a lovely aroma. Don’t forget to check out their new branch that will be opening on November 20 as well.

[Image Credit: Smoked]

3 /12

Crowd-favourite rice bowls from Teppen are what you need to pamper your taste buds during the weekend. Besides their classic and well-moved beef rice bowl, their monthly and seafood rice bowl menus are also what you’ll regret skipping.

[Image Credit: Teppen]

4 /12

Kon La Jaan proves that even the underrated Thai-French rib eye steak makes a drool-worthy beef rice bowl. Besides the juiciness of the beef, their homemade compound butter and caramelized onions are what take the flavour up a notch.

[Image Credit: Kon La Jaan]

Beef rice bowls from Tora Tora Japanese Kitchen are a heavenly combination of juicy steaks and Japanese rice. Whether you go for the plain or fried rice, you’ll soon discover your new obsession.

[Image Credit: Tora Tora Japanese Kitchen]

6 /12

Specialized in all kinds of beef that you could possibly imagine, there’s no way that Chunn is going to disappoint you. Pair your beef rice bowl with their popular wagyu katsu sando (Japanese-style sandwich) and you’ve got yourself a perfect meal. Carbs on carbs on carbs.

[Image Credit: Chunn]

Craving Thai flavours? Fat Beef Bangkok has got you covered. They’ve got several variations of beef rice bowls to help you switch up the flavours. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, we recommend giving the popular beef tongue rice bowls a try. Prepare to be bombarded with flavours.

[Image Credit: Fat Beef Bangkok]

8 /12

Believe it or not, Gyudon House makes flavour-packed beef rice bowls without any help from MSG. Served together with Japanese-style soft-cooked eggs and salmon roe, it’s a pure addiction.

[Image Credit: Gyudon House]

Don’t let the name fool you. It may sound dry, but 35 Dry Aged Beef serves one of the best beef dishes in town. Their signature beef rice bowl served with shoyu-marinated egg will just have you coming back for more.

[Image Credit: 35 Dry Aged Beef]

10 /12

If you love the aroma and flavour of charcoal-grilled beef, you need to make your way to Mahasan. With a selection of premium beef cuts that you can choose from, you’ll know why it’s what all the foodies are raving about. The queues are long, so reservation is highly recommended.

[Image Credit: @khunmilkk/Instagram via Mahasan]

Kinniku Gyudon brings the authentic taste of gyudon to the Bangkok food scene. They’ve over 10 years of experience in making scrumptious rice bowls. Coupled with the imported black Angus beef, it’s simply irresistible.

[Image Credit: Kinniku Gyudon]

12 /12

Tan Kun brings back the vibe of the bygone era and prides itself in using premium Thai beef. Charcoal-grilled in Thai style, you’ll love the fragrance of palm sugar that fills the air when you order this dish. Perfect for the food ‘gram as well, if you order other dishes that are served with banana leaves and Thai baskets.

[Image Credit: Tan Kun]

Where to find the best beef rice bowls in Bangkok

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