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Where to find the best croffles in Bangkok

Croffles are gradually making their way to a Bangkok breakfast favourite, and they even have us going back for seconds or even thirds.

Croffles are waffle-shaped croissants that originated from South Korea. They’re currently the latest hybrid-dessert trend that has everyone buzzing. Regardless of what you choose to pair them with, they are a quick and easy breakfast to get you up and going. Countless cafes in Bangkok serve awesome croffles and deliver them right to your doorstep. Here, we’ve curated a list of cafes where you can order them for the most joyful treat.

[Hero Image Credit: Madi BKK; Featured Image Credit: Instagram @yeiffeleeeee]


After You needs no introduction. This very popular Thai dessert café offers chewy croffles with many different choices of add-ons, including their beloved creams and spreads. The rich matcha spread and Jo’s banoffee are among our favourites.

[Image Credit: After You]

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Qraft’s croffles are something you won’t find anywhere else. They add a scrumptious oriental sauce that goes brilliantly well with their freshly-made Japanese-style croffles, also known as waffuru. Whether you go for wild honey, yuzu honey, or miso caramel, these unique croffles are irresistible.

[Image Credit: Qraft]

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You’ll love the crispiness and butteriness of Madi’s croffles. Although they do not provide any add-ons, they use some of the finest butter imported from France to make them. Simple yet full of deliciousness.

[Image Credit: Madi]

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Switch up your morning breakfast routine with croffles from Pour Over Lab. The combo set allows you to pair the croffles of your choice with refreshing coffees. Both the Almond and the Ham & Cheese croffles are our top picks.

[Image Credit: Pour Over Lab]

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You have to check out KOKOPAN if you’re looking for a satisfying dip. The homemade croffles and signature cookie sauce dip are a heavenly match that will get you addicted.

[Image Credit: KOKOPAN]

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When it comes to Hello Neighbor, the famous croffle cream bomb is the only thing you need to look for. The perfect combination of whipped cream and croffles is to die for. Make sure you grab yours early, because they’re sold out fast during the day.

[Image Credit: Tha Nud Chim]

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Croffles are even better when served with a scoop of ice cream, and Bora Bora Café knows this well. Their croffles are topped with classic vanilla ice cream and buttery breadcrumbs. They’ve got the perfect balance of flavours and textures that you look for in a good dessert.

[Image Credit: Bora Bora Cafe]

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Enough for Life Bangkok’s croffles are made to perfection. At the top of our list are lemon zest, Nutella banana, and choco croffles. Why not try them when you come here for brunch?

[Image Credit: Enough for Life Bangkok]

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Mambo Studio and Café is where you’ll be ordering if you’re in search of a cheesy breakfast. Their ooey-gooey double cheese croffles will certainly delight you in the morning. They also have a work-from-home set that you can munch on while working as well.

[Image Credit: Mambo Studio and Café]

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If you’re anticipating a long and tiring week, get the Monday motivation to start your week right with croffles from Sateaday Café. They offer a combo set where you can pair your favourite croffles with their morning boosters for that refreshing caffeine kick. Berry and salted caramel macadamia are the toppings that you shouldn’t miss.

[Image Credit: Sateaday Cafe]

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