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Where to find the best frozen yogurt in Bangkok

Indulging in a frozen sweet treat during these swelteringly hot days is a thing of absolute bliss. Here’s where you can find the best frozen yogurt in Bangkok.

Ice cream is a classic go-to treat for most of us. However, for the person who prefers something lighter and creamier, the frogurt really takes the cake. Especially during the days when Bangkok heat becomes unbearable, finding the best spot to satisfy your cravings shouldn’t be so tough. Unsure of where to start? We’ve selected our favourite spots in Bangkok to guide you through.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Pleased Yoghurt Bar]

Where to find the best frozen yogurt in Bangkok

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Hailing from Los Angeles, Pinkberry is one of the very first brands that introduced the summertime treat to the world. They’re known for their fine-tasting frozen yogurt that comes with premium toppings. It’s made from real milk and yogurt so it’s a balanced combination of richness and sweetness, and you’ll love this place if you’re a person who truly enjoys the complex flavours of yogurt.

[Image Credit: Pinkberry]

Trying to shed some kilos? Curb your sweet tooth with a creamy frozen yogurt from Hello Yoghurt when your ice cream cravings strike. Made from Greek yogurt and served with fresh fruit, it’s very low in calories and sugar, and a guilt-free pleasure that can keep you full for a long time.

[Image Credit: Hello Yoghurt]

If you still can’t get over the hype of mango sticky rice, you have to check out Buddhi Belly. They have a delectable mango passion fruit frozen yoghurt with fresh mango sticky rice that makes a fabulous afternoon treat. All their branches are located in the big shopping malls, so keep them on your list for when you need a short break during your shopping spree.

[Image Credit: Buddhi Belly]

Freeze Frozen Yogurt isn’t just a favourite among Thai celebs, but it’s also where we spotted global star Blackpink Lisa hanging out years ago. Nestled in Cafe Thieves and Bar, it’s great to drop by if you happen in be in the Ekkamai area or you’re going cafe-hopping. Go for the original flavour and top it with brownies and Nutella if you want to enjoy like the K-pop queen, and don’t miss out on their signature banana Nutella caramel rose velvet mixed-fruit parfait.

[Image Credit: Freeze Frozen Yogurt]

The froyo at Pleased Yoghurt Bar is the kind that you won’t find it elsewhere in Bangkok. You’ll be impressed by the selection of creative flavours that they have to offer. The choices of toppings here can help you can be turned it into a healthy breakfast bowl, too. It’ll change the way you eat this cool treat.

[Image Credit: Pleased Yoghurt Bar]

Yogurt Truck is the place to fulfil your frozen fantasy. Aside from their visually-pleasing toppings, they have a variety of flavours for you to choose from. Whether you want it served in a bowl or a waffle cone, it’s sure to serve you great content for the ‘gram.

[Image Credit: Yogurt Truck]

FroYo Frozen Yogurt is the type of spot you’ll want to take your kids. They don’t offer a huge selection of flavours or toppings, but this is made up by the fact that their yogurt is certainly one of the best in town. Don’t forget to check out their new croffle frozen yogurt ice cream as well.

[Image Credit: FroYo Frozen Yogurt]

There’s no need to brave the torturing Bangkok heat just to ease your cravings. You can enjoy your favourite froyo from the comfort of your home with deliveries from Daisy’s Ice Creams. They’ve got a weekly rotation of both seasonal and permanent flavours, so make sure to regularly check their social media pages for updates.

[Image Credit: Daisy’s Ice Creams]

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