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Where to find the best vegan food in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai retains its place as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. Here is our pick of where to find the best vegan food in the beautiful northern city. 

It’s no secret that Chiang Mai is home to countless vegan dining outlets. In fact, for several years in a row, Chiang Mai holds its top place as the most vegan-friendly city in the world. Yes, in the whole world.

Barring the countless vegan restaurants, the city is also known and loved for its other vegetarian and vegan spots, including a plant-based hotel called Green Tiger House. Chiang Mai is a little paradise for vegans and vegetarians, and we love living life on the veg. 

We realise that it can be quite the challenge to suss out the best dining outlets that are worth dining at. So, to make decision-making a little easier, here is our pick of where to find the best vegan food in Chiang Mai. As tough as it was, we’ve narrowed it down to six restaurants and cafes. 

[Hero image credit: Hermes Rivera/Unsplash]

Where to find the best vegan food in Chiang Mai

Perhaps one of the most beloved vegan spots in the city, Alchemy Vegan is a must-visit for all kinds of diners, plant-based eaters and meat-eaters alike. From wraps to panini to Thai dishes to desserts to smoothie bowls, there’s something for everyone on their extensive menu. The 100% vegan outlet is helmed by a chemist-turned-vegan-chef-alchemist. 

Cuisine: Vegan, healthy, sandwiches
Best for:
Sandwich/wrap lovers (aka Joeys)
Silken Tofu & Pumpkin, Spiced burrito, Churros
Price range:

[Image credit: Alchemy Vegan]

Vegan fast food? Uh, yes please. Located amidst the forest in a somewhat hidden location is Munchies Café. The casual dining outlet serves up plant-based comfort food including vegan cheeseburgers, fish and chips, hotdogs, and lots more. Often referred to as the ‘vegan McDonald’s,’ Munchies Café is a perfect choice for those that miss the taste of meat. 

Cuisine: Vegan, non-vegetarian, fast food
Best for: Non-vegetarians-turned-vegetarians that miss meat 
Grilled Veggies Sandwich with Fresh Basil Pesto, Macaroni and Cheese
Price range: ฿฿

[Image credit: Munchies Café]

If you want to eat good made-to-order Thai vegan food when you’re in the city, make sure to dine at Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant for one of your meals. As the name suggests, this place is big on anchan (butterfly pea). Ergo, some dishes consist of a hint of anchan. This Thai restaurant is a veteran, so you know it’s one of the good ones. Also, make sure to order a smoothie to go with your meal. 

Cuisine: Vegan, vegetarian, Thai
Best for: Classic Thai dishes
Purple Noodle Anchan Pad Thai, Panaeng Curry Mixed Vegetables and Tofu
Price range: ฿฿

[Image credit: Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant]

Eating at Free Bird Café goes beyond filling your belly and endorsing a local eatery. When you dine at the vegan cafe, you’re also contributing to a good cause as the expanse is also a charity and a school for refugee kids. Their varied menu is not your typical veggie fare, and the ‘cafe with a cause’ is particularly revered for their selection of Burmese dishes and raw smoothie bowls. 

Cuisine: Vegan, Thai, Burmese, western
Best for: Supporting a social cause 
Burmese Green Tea Leaf Salad, Cacao Smoothie Bowl
Price range: ฿฿

[Image credit: Free Bird Café]

Delicious, nutritious, organic – this slow food vegetarian restaurant is located within the temple complex of Wat Suan Dok. This spot is perfect if you’re looking to dine local style. Pun Pun Vegetarian Slow Food is all about northeastern cuisine. From curries to salads to spring rolls and, of course, khao soi – this is as local as it gets. 

Cuisine: Vegetarian, Thai, healthy
Best for: A local dining experience 
Must-tries: Vegetarian Khao Soi, Spring Rolls
Price range: ฿

[Image credit: Pun Pun Vegetarian Slow Food]

Being healthy is always a good idea. Being healthy at Pure Vegan Heaven Chiang Mai is an even better idea. All of their dishes are extremely healthy, none of which have been compromised in flavour. Breakfast options include pancakes, açai smoothie bowls, and more. Lunch options include tacos, Mexican bowls, and more. With branches all over the country, Pure Vegan Heaven Chiang Mai is a go-to spot for vegans. 

Cuisine: Vegan, Mexican, healthy, whole-foods
Best for: Plant-based whole foods
Must-tries: Homemade Gnocchi, Mexican Bowl
Price range: ฿฿฿

[Image credit: Pure Vegan Heaven Chiang Mai]

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