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Where to find vegan grocery products to stock up your plant-based pantry

Looking for a place to get your vegan grocery items in Bangkok without a fuss? Here’s a guide to help you.

Keeping your plant-based pantry fully stocked is crucial to maintaining a healthy plant-based diet. However, finding plant-based food and pantry staples out there in the market can be a little challenging. It’s either you make them yourself or find the right recipes for the ingredients that you already have on hand. However, that sounds a bit like a hassle, don’t you think? To save you time from searching for locations, we’ve curated a list of places where you can get your vegan grocery products. These will make your life so much easier.

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Having vegan sauces on hand will make your life so much easier when you want to spice up your meal. Vegan Gift Foods has vegan versions that perfectly replicate your favourite sauces. Your options include spicy cheesy, heavenly mayo, and punchy cocktail sauce. In addition, they have almond cream cheese to help you switch up your day-to-day flavours, too.

[Image Credit: Vegan Gift Foods]

No Milk offers one of the finest selections of replacers for dairy products. Using cashew nuts as a base, it’s a super hearty substitute that doesn’t comprise on that comforting richness we’re obsessed with. Whether you go for cashew cream, cashew yogurt, or vegan probiotic butter, you will be spoiled for choice.

[Image Credit: No Milk]

Canes Lab & Restaurants has the veggie-packed pate that your guests are sure to love. It’s clean, beautifully spiced, and takes your staple appetiser to the next level.

[Image Credit: Canes Lab & Restaurants]

Life is too short for ordinary ice cream, and there’s no reason for you to give up on it for being a vegan. HEBE Ice Cream has various flavours that will fill you full of happy yet healthy calories. From naked chocolate to heavenly sea salt, they’re what you need to upgrade your favourite to a low-fat sundae.

[Image Credit: @happy.fitmommy/Instagram via HEBE Ice Cream]

Swees will satisfy all of your cheese cravings while maintaining a vegan diet. Make sure to try out their recently launched smoked mozzarella with chilli; it’ll certainly add the taste and texture that you’re missing on your toasted sandwiches and pizzas.

[Image Credit: Swees]

There’s no reason to give up on meat when you’re a vegan. It doesn’t matter what kind of dish you need to pamper your taste buds, More Meat’s plant-based protein won’t even have you asking for the animal-based meat.

[Image Credit: More Meat]

Get the creamy spreads from May I Have Almond Butter to start your day right. The creaminess from all the available flavours will transform regular bread into a taste sensation. What’s more, they pair well with your favourite breakfast bowl, too.

[Image Credit: May I Have Almond Butter]

Sonuts Milk provides the freshest nut milk in town. They’ve got you covered with two different kinds of milk blends: almond-macadamia and almond-walnut-hazelnut. They also make special flavoured milks using nut milk as the base, and these include chocolate cookie cream and purple sweet potato.

[Image Credit: Sonuts Milk]

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