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Where to order the best cookies for delivery in Bangkok

Cookies are a gift we all deserve. Here’s where you can order them to your doorstep in Bangkok.

Instagram stores have been popping up now more than ever, and with work-from-home and lockdowns, many have turned to new hobbies. One of the hobbies picked up by many people is baking cookies. With the likes of Evie’s Cookies and The Rolling Pinn paving the way, there are now a lot of both online and in-person stores that offer the cookies we love. They come in a variety of forms, from soft-baked to mere cookie dough. Read on for our list of where to order the best cookies in Bangkok — we’re sure you’ll find a type that you enjoy.

[Hero Image Credit: The Rolling Pinn; Featured Image Credit: Evie’s Cookies]


Soft-baked cookies are a joy is hard to replace. Evie’s Cookies makes some of the best soft-baked cookies in Bangkok with a real retro American feel to their packaging. There are many types available, with options like Rubyberry, Oh Chip!, World Wild Whale, and so much more. Made with premium quality ingredients, each cookie will give you a different elevated experience. They’re also huge, so they’re very filling, too.

[Image Credit: Evie’s Cookie via Instagram]

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Do you ever just want to eat your raw cookie dough? Well, now you can. Scoop & Dough is fulfilling childhood dreams with their edible cookie dough. Their raw cookie doughs are safe to eat, and you can eat them straight out of the cup, or you can even take the time to bake them. They offer multiple different flavours like Brooklyn batter, Scoops Ahoy, and more. You can even customise the packaging to your liking in celebration of a birthday, graduation, and everything in between.

[Image Credit: Scoop & Dough via Instagram]

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If you don’t prefer soft-baked or dough, sugar cookies may be your pick. What a Word allows you to decorate their signature sugar cookies to celebrate special occasions. Their sets are customisable, and can be used to deliver a personal message. Packaged like a gift, you can make your person happy with that personalised touch.

[Image Credit: What a word via Instagram]

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Staying home can get lonely. Order from Crumbs Corner and you may make new friends. Each cookie has its own look and is offered in different flavours like Elmo’s Red Velvet, Classic Chocolate Chip, or Camp Fire. Your delicious new buddies are a version of a soft-baked cookie that will pair especially well with a glass of milk.

[Image Credit: Crumbs Corner via Instagram]

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Supporting small businesses is the way to go. Although Dumbo Bake is just starting out, they have gained a great following in only a year. Not only do they sell traditional cookies, they also offer brownies and lemon cakes. They offer well-loved combinations like Chocoberry or Nutella & Macadamia especially. For dessert buffs with a sweet tooth, go all out with their menu.

[Image Credit: Dumbo Bake via Instagram]

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Do you get bored with the classic designs of your cookies? Why don’t you design them yourself? With M Fancy Cookies you can order a customisable design, or you take matters into your own hands and explore your talents in cookie artistry. They offer up a DIY Cookie Kit, where the cookies act as the canvas and the icing as the paint.

[Image Credit: M Fancy Cookies via Instagram]

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