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Where to order charcuterie boards in Bangkok

Charcuterie boards are the gift that just keeps on giving. Here’s where you can order the best in Bangkok.

Do you enjoy cold cuts and cheese? Then there’s no doubt you enjoy charcuterie boards. The combination of different cheeses, cold, cured meats, and even fruit will make sure you never get bored. There is always going to be a new flavour to explore, and a fun combination to devour.

The fun with charcuterie boards is that they are customizable. Even in restaurants, you will never find two of the same boards. That is the charm of them. You’ll get to experience something new each time.

Ideal for house parties (or lockdown private parties) or even for a light snack, here’s where you can order the best charcuterie boards in Bangkok. 

[Hero Image Credit: Eva Elijas/Pexels]

This local artisan grocery store is perfect for all your charcuterie needs. They offer a box perfect for 2-3 people. Within the box, there are five charcuterie options, three kinds of cheese, and an option for the chutney and baguettes. They offer the best quality products making sure that all the cold cuts and cheeses complement each other. A must-try.

[Image Credit: VIVIN Grocery via Instagram]

The Humble Joys offer two sizes for their charcuterie boxes, and change up their flavours each month. They decorate the boxes for you, too. Often times they even collaborate with other stores and brands to bring the best snacking experience to you.

[Image Credit: The Humble Joys via Instagram]

Whilst we normally enjoyed Sourced Grocers at The Commons, now they’re giving you the option to enjoy their charcuterie boards on the go. They offer their to-go boxes in two different sizes. With an option of 4 or 6, you can even choose what goes in your boxes. A few of the options? Brie, Black Truffle Gouda, Prosciutto di Parma, Spicy Salami, and so much more. Available at The Commons or directly through their socials.

[Image Credit: Sourced Grocers via Instagram]

Nokky Charcuterie can provide you with a charcuterie box or board for any occasion. They have four different box sizes from small to extra large and they offer the board itself should you want it. From time to time, they also host workshops so that you can understand each element of your board and how to make it to your liking.

[Image Credit: Nokkys Charcuterie via Instagram]

5 /7

When talking about Charcuterie boards, we couldn’t miss out El Mercado. They offer a cheese and cold cut experience like few others.  Their platters feature premium ingredients with endless options. With an impressive selection of cheeses and cold cuts, you can make your own, or take the lazier route and get one of the pre-made boards.

[Image Credit: El Mercado via Instagram]

Are you tired of celebrating your birthday with a cake? Well, Brie & Bleu suggest you celebrate it with a charcuterie box instead. They provide a charcuterie box for every occasion. With four choices of cold cuts and even more options for cheese, don’t be afraid to mix and match and really go crazy.

[Image Credit: Brie & Bleu via Instagram]

Graze + Blossom is Bangkok’s very first grazing caterer, and the all-women-owned business is perfect for any celebration. Bringing in the idea of informal dining spaces to Thailand allows for them to make these edible creations that look almost as good as they taste. Graze + Blossom have seasonal campaigns to make sure that you can enjoy their creations during any time of year, and will enhance your charcuterie experience with blossoms to make sure you have the best experience possible. Their platters are crafted and uniquely styled just for you.
[Image Credit: Graze + Blossom via Facebook]

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