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Where to order Korean drama-inspired corn dogs in Bangkok

Although K-drama Start-Up has already ended, our craving for corn dogs shows no sign of stopping. Here’s where you can order the best corn dogs in Bangkok.

Whether you want to call them corn dogs or Korean dogs is up to you. One thing is for sure: the popular Korean street food is making its way onto many delivery menus in Bangkok. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and coated with various flavourful sauces and sprinkles, scroll down to see where you can order corn dogs for delivery. Then get ready to rewatch Start-Up again.

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Apart from their signature fried chicken menu, Bonchon offers corn dogs as a special appetiser. These come in six different flavours: Street Crispy Pop, Butter Corn Crispy Pop, K Hot Crispy Pop, Street Corn Dog, Butter Corn Corn Dog, and K Hot Corn Dog. Clearly, they’re going down a very K-drama and K-pop route for this snack.

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Myungrang Sidae has a wide selection of corn dogs to choose from. They’re calling all cheese lovers with the Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog, but also offer other options like the classic Myungrang Hot Dog and Potato Hot Dog. Once you’ve chosen your dog, you can also choose toppings and sauces to suit.

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Can’t decide on any one corn dog flavour? Overseoul has box sets for you, including both regular and mini size corn dogs. If you want to get more creative, you can also mix and match with the DIY Box Set. Overseoul has a lot of unique flavours, including the Curry Corn Dog, the Tteok Corn Dog, and the Lays Corn Dog.

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Oppa Hotdog is all about embracing this Korean-style snack. They’ve got an Oppa Hotdog, Half Cheese Hotdog, and a Deep Cheese Hotdog, with plenty of dressing options like onion, mala, and garlic-butter powder. 

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When you’ve finished Puudeong Annyeong’s popular signature pickled crab, don’t forget to order some of their corn dogs to cap off the meal. Their range of flavours include original, instant noodles, and diced potatoes. Their sweet potato wasabi sauce is an interesting twist that is worth trying, too.

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