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Why you need to visit La Tavola for the finest Italian tomahawk steak

If you’ve dined at La Tavola & Wine Bar at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, you’ll know the restaurant makes and serves the straightforward Italian dishes we love with flair — we’re talking wood-fired pizzas and handmade pasta, nonna (grandma) style.

Centred around serving no-frills Italian fare cooked using pristine ingredients, the venue also offers an extensive list of opulent wine, cocktails and mocktails, catering to all diners with a strong taste for the spirited life.

Situated in the back of the room, the open kitchen provides an energetic scene comprised of the charming Executive Sous Chef Salvatore Catania (ladies, if you’re into handsome chefs) and his team vigorously whipping up dishes and baking pizzas from scratch.

This season, the restaurant again brings us their freshest fare, the Italian Tomahawk Steak, a Tuscan-originated tomahawk rib steak, different from the regular tomahawk steak because of its gigantic size, length and uber meatiness. In true Italian fashion, the bones and meat are seasoned simply with salt and pepper before cooked to medium-rare perfection on a live fire. Decent and delicious, the tomahawk dinner here will make all you meat-focused gourmands sing an opera after the first bite. This one-of-a-kind steak will be available from now until 31 March.

The gigantic piece of juicy steak complements the restaurant’s sharing-style dynamic and makes the venue perfect for any luncheon or nighttime gathering. Scroll down for the full details of their Italian Tomahawk Steak and also a list of La Tavola’s new must-try dishes just in case the gigantic steak is not enough to satisfy your roaring appetite.

Costata Steak (Italian-style Tomahawk Steak)

A staple in Tuscan cuisine, the Italian-style tomahawk steak (Costata steak) is now available in the city, without us having to waste time flying to the land of olive oil. Weighing over 1.2 kilogrammes (some cuts can weight up to 1.7 kilogrammes), the meat is first aged for 15 to 21 days to get that intense meaty flavour and extra chewiness. What sets Costata steak apart from regular steaks is the length that’s much longer and also the larger portion of the short rib meat — which makes it more appealing in look and texture. The steak is usually heavily seasoned with salt and pepper before it gets cooked on a live fire, just enough to brown the skin beautifully whilst keeping the meat inside deliciously pink. The steak also comes with 3 sumptuous sides, for example, charred asparagus, crispy-skinned roasted baby potatoes and arugula salad with slices of parma ham along with 2 house-made sauces and 3 types of salt: herbed salt, Himalayan salt and flakey sea salt. Are you a beef-eating enthusiast? Here’s a real juicy treat for you.

Starting at THB 4,800++ depending on the weight of the prime cut, the price of the Italian tomahawk steak also includes side dishes and sauces to go along with the juicy meat. Available now only until the end of March, all you carnivores should make sure you get a taste of this exclusive steak as soon as you can.

Other new must-try dishes at La Tavola to go with the sumptuous tomahawk steak

Pesca Al Nero (THB 500++)

Creamy and cheesy, plain risotto alone is already a mouth blessing. But black ink-basted risotto? That takes risotto to a whole new level. The Arborio rice (short-grain rice that’s perfect for making risotto) is cooked to al dente perfection or until every grain soaks up the fishy flavours, which makes every bite reminiscent of the ocean. Topped with braised seafood and oven-charred cherry tomatoes, the black-painted dish is packed with a pleasant briny taste perfect for seafood devotees who also share a passion for classic Italian fare.

Insalata La Tavola (THB 400++)

Salad is not new. But incorporating crispy duck into it is definitely a new and exciting take on the classic leafy green-centric bowl. Dressed in Japanese sesame dressing, a heap of well-seasoned organic greens is served with golden-fried duck and then topped beautifully with sweet and sour orange fillets. Craving a wholesome meal with a side of fattiness? This Crispy Duck Salad is just for you.

Ravioli Al Sugo D’Arrosto (THB 480++)

Pork cheek may not sound appetizing. But handmade pork cheek-stuffed ravioli? That just sounds darn right delicious. Coated and cooked in the toothsome demi–glace jus (brown juice from cooked meat), the round-shape pasta is then showered in grains of parmigiano reggiano and deep-fried sage for extra aromas. Once you bite into it, the stuffed ravioli gives off a perfect porky flavour that kicks the already finger-licking-good sauce up a notch – really, this dish need is a must-try. La Tavola also makes pasta in-house daily, so diners are guaranteed to be gorging on fresh pasta every time they dine here.

Panna Cotta Modenese (THB 300++)

When it’s fine dining, you can almost be sure to see panna cotta included on the dessert menu. And let’s face it: this Italian classic dessert sometimes can be a little boring due to its popularity. The balsamic version at La Tavola, however, has upgraded panna cotta for the better, once and for all. Covered in a white cotton candy dome, the balsamic–spiked panna cotta boasts a light brown colour that goes perfectly well with the maroon-shade berry compote which is eventually poured on top. Aged for over five years, the balsamic vinegar imported from Modena gives off a lusciously sweet taste with a hint of acidity that helps to brighten up the plain cooked cream. Once the cotton candy is melted down by the hot fruity liquid, it gives extra sweetness to the tangy berry compote, making this dish a parade of sour and sweet flavours fit for the one who has not much of a sweet tooth.

La Tavola & Wine Bar, 3 FL, Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, 518/8 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok, +662 125 5020

Tue-Sun: 11:30am-2:30 pm, 6-10:30 pm.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.
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