There’s not much that can make you feel like summer when Bangkok’s rain season comes roaring with whipping showers in the midst of your evening commute. However, if there were one thing, one place, or one drink that could wash away all monsoon mania at the sip of a cocktail-umbrella-clad straw, it would look something like this.

The tiki bar – a beachy, tropical, Polynesian-themed hideout – is perhaps the ultimate expression of a holiday. Think, a coconut lodge with a backdrop of surfers in the waves, floral shirts and the hula, tiki demon masks, grass clothes, light and dark rums, lagoons, mermaids, and pineapples. Plenty of pineapples.

With Thailand being an ideal location for a rum bar, given the many sugar cane plantations scattered across the country, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the tiki trend has not yet taken the city by tropical storm. Yet with the booming success of both the new Tropic City and Escape Bangkok this year, it seems Bangkokians are opening up to the idea of colourful Mezcal shooters in bamboo shoot interiors.

Vibrant, vivacious, and a volcanic recipe for a good time, we’ve put together a list of Bangkok’s best tiki bars of the moment. Whether you’re sipping from a classic ceramic tiki mug or indulging in a fresh poke bowl bar snack, don your most dapper Hawaiian shirt here, and, dare we say it, get tiki with it.

Featured image credit: Trader Vic’s; Hero image credit: Pakalolo