Nothing begs for cold refreshing drinks like the hot heat and humidity of Thailand.

With a lineup of cafes, restaurants, and bars cramming the streets with all kinds of decent drinks to quench your thirst any time you’d like, the city never runs dry of the drinkable joy. 

Living in the 21st century also brings such convenience and comfort since delivery food has become more of a norm instead of a once-a-week or twice-a-month thing. Drink-wise, the online world has become an oasis to happiness in liquid form; the internet allows small-scale vendors to sell all types of beverages to drink devotees through just a few clicks on your phone. 

So for those who are web browsing looking for the perfect drinks to order online, our list here will show you 5 best places to get good liquid refreshment online. Let’s get sipping, shall we? 

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doze.cold brew

For caffeine connoisseurs who never seem to get enough of caffeine, doze.cold brew has just the solution for you. The online coffee vendor offers cold brews in different flavour profiles,  spanning DARK.cold brew (ultra-strong), BLACK.cold brew (strong) and WHITE.cold brew with a dash of milk and chocolate. What makes the brand stand out is their DARK SHOT.cold brew which comes in a small tube containing the dark, inky liquid that will give your coffee another boost.

Order via Line: @doze.cold

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Pacamara Coffee Roasters

Although Pacamara Coffee Roasters has a few locations that you can go visit and leisurely drink in the good vibes, the coffee-focused brand also offers up a delivery menu. The Unicorn Blue Label Collection features four luscious drinks you can choose from, spanning Black Cold Brew, Thai-style Espresso, and White Ceylon Tea and Belgium Chocolate. They all come in ultra-sleek packaging.

Order directly via each of their locations (Thonglor 25, Rain Hill, Velaa Sindhorn Village, etc.) or via LINE MAN. 

Image credit: Instagram/donny_eating

CHAR Flower Tea

Seeking a new adventure in tea, this Thailand-based tea brand should be your go-to. CHAR Flower Tea takes infusions to a whole ‘nother level by using whole, actual blooms – think lotus flower, rose, lily, and water lily – to infuse in the water, as you would with tea leaves. As a result, it is as yummy to drink as it is to look at.

Order via

Kihavah Kombucha

While drinking water is still the best way to keep you hydrated, drinks that contain wholesome ingredients are becoming part of the healthy food trend. Like kombucha. One of the best places to get it now is at Kihavah Kombucha. The fermented tea drink here comes in 8 tasty flavours: Original, Apple & Mint, Pineapple & Strawberry, Blueberry & Mango, Orange & Ginger, Masala & Pepper, Coffee, and Lemon & Plum. Divine.

Order via Line: @kihavah.kombucha

Beep Thailand

Cold-pressed juice never gets old. Not in the health-conscious world anyway. So if you need an extra boost of wholesome bottled fruit juice ready on the go, Beep Thailand churns out an array of fruit-focused beverages like juice, herb shots, and even plant-based milk.

Order via Line: @beepthailand

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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