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5 new cafes in Bangkok to check out this October 2021

With more and more cafes popping up, the post-lockdown cafe scene in Bangkok gets exciting again. Here’s where to go cafe-hopping this October 2021.

Although cafes are filling up every corner of this bustling city, there’s always room for more. You won’t have any trouble finding your favourite cold brew or dirty coffee for a quick caffeine fix. Whether you simply want to pamper yourself, catch up with friends, or find a new spot for your work-from-home, we’ve got you fully covered. Here are new cafes in Bangkok to check out this October.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Vogue Cafe]

1 /5

After launching in various cities, Vogue Cafe has finally opened in Thailand. It’s a comfortable yet stylish spot offering beautifully crafted food and drinks for the fashionable. With an all-day menu that reflects Vogue’s global perspective, you’ll get to step into the Vogue world and indulge in a chic dining experience.

[Image Credit: Vogue Cafe]

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 8am-8pm

Up your cafe-hopping game and get the perfect ‘gram at Churn Buttery. Given their location, if you’re lucky enough, you might get a stunning shot with an aeroplane flying above you, too. This bright oasis features a minimal garden that takes you away from the hustle and bustle as you refuel, re-energise, and capture Insta-worthy moments.

[Image Credit: travels_again]

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 7.30am-7.30pm

Enjoy a nice Saturday cup of tea and explore a collection of artisanal handcrafted items at Citizen Tea Canteen of Nowhere. They’re breathing life into the dying tea shop culture while putting a street-style spin into everyday lifestyle products. From Thai bua loi, to pina coladas, banana bread, and duck noodle, the menu items here will soothe you to the core, with a selection of unique signature tea blends to suit.

[Image Credit: Citizen Tea Canteen of Nowhere]

Opening hours
Sat 10am-6pm

4 /5

If you love orange, you’ll love Creed Cafe, as it gives you a full dose punch of orange. At this cafe, bursts of orange colour make a perfect and refreshing spot for work-from-anywhere. In line with the theme, the orange coffee shake is the signature that you’ll regret skipping.

[Image Credit: KaopaiReview]

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 8.30am-6.30pm

5 /5

AWSM Cafe makes a bold statement with contrasting interior colours. It’s another hipster must-visit for an energising and stylish cafe-hopping session. Make sure you pair your favourite drink with their croffles for a scrumptious afternoon treat.

[Image Credit: AWSM Cafe]

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 7.30am-4pm
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