It’s 8pm on a Friday night and you’re hosting an extravagant soiree at your place, and as your guests mingle over canapés and conversation, you notice that you’re slowly beginning to run out of rosé.

Panic ensues. Beads of sweat start form on your forehead. It’s too late to go out to buy more wine, but you don’t have anything else to offer your company. Yet before you succumb to taking down your proud plaque for being the hostess with the mostest, fret not: there is a solution.

Whether you’re looking for some last-minute liquor, planning a get-together, or simply want to stock up on a fine selection of drinks, Bangkok has an array of online alcohol delivery services, bringing you a vast choice of wines, beers, and spirits right to your doorstep. It’s as simple as a few swipes on your smartphone, and with fast delivery times, you’ll always manage to keep that party going.

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This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 29 June 2018. 

The Wine Merchant

The Wine Merchant Company was created to make wine delivery easy and hassle-free, without having to compromise on quality. With a large selection of fine wines to choose from, the Wine Merchant website allows users to browse red, white, or rosé wines, and read detailed descriptions about each bottle, as well as the different wineries they hail from. With specialty wines flown in from France and Italy and beyond, the company is able to provide competitive wholesale prices, and guarantees your order will arrive from their temperature-controlled warehouse to your home within two hours. For even greater ease of use, the Wine Merchant also just launched a brand new Virtual Wine Cellar app, now available on the Apple App Store (Android coming soon).

Bacchus Online

For those who know that there is nothing quite like a hot sake or a cold Japanese beer after a long day, Bacchus Online provides a great variety of Japanese whisky, sake, beer, umeshu, and shochu. The drinks selection is truly impressive, and a haven for anyone who knows their Hibiki from Hakushu. Whilst there is also a small selection of wines, the stars at Bacchus Online are the Japanese beverages, organised by product, price, region, strength, and awards. Order directly via their website, and it’ll probably be the closest and the fastest you’ll ever get to being a Japanese liquor connoisseur from the comfort of your home.

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Launched in 2012, craft beer delivery service Wishbeer actually has the largest selection of imported beers and ciders in all of Thailand — now readily available and quickly deliverable to your doorstep until 12 am. The massive collection may seem overwhelming to beginner craft beer drinkers at first, yet the website offers many helpful tools to help find something for every taste. There are also mixed boxes including a variety of craft beers for users to order and test, such as a specialty Thai craft beers selection, or a choice of winning beers from the World Beer Awards. Whilst Wishbeer does specialise in craft beers, the delivery service also has a selection of wine, whisky, and other spirits. Order them directly via their website, or by messaging them on Line with the LineID: @wishbeer.

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Go Naturalista

With the demand for sustainable and natural wines ever increasing, Go Naturalista focuses on selling wines that are kind to the environment in their production, and promote a biodynamic and sustainable farming in viticulture. The company handpicks their winemakers, providing wines from those who are true artisans and create a unique product. The aim is to educate drinkers on the source of their beverage, whilst also having fun with it. In fact, Go Naturalista even organises their online selection by wine type, country of origin, or which style of music best suits its taste. The latter proves an intriguing consideration for avid party planners, yet with delivery times taking 1-3 business days, it’s best to always order from the Go Naturalista website a little in advance.

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Bangkok Cellar

Organised by wine type, country of origin, grape type, price, and even size of bottle, the Bangkok Cellar provides one of the best wine selections in the city. Catering to everything from everyday drinking wines to specialty champagnes and port wines, the wine delivery service has something of your local bodega, in high tech style. With a sleek interface and useful drinking information, it’s a lot like having a fine dining wine list inside your tablet or smart phone. Delivery times can take up to 2 business days, so it is advisable to order before big events via their website or by messaging the Line ID: @bangkokcellar. As with all the other online stores on our roundup, you’ll be amazed by the world of wine that awaits at your fingertips.

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