While Thailand may be best known for its tropical islands and Thai cuisine, the Kingdom is shaping up to be one of the hottest new wine destinations in Asia, with local vineyards and wine cellars offering an eclectic selection of New Latitude and Old World wines. Wine connoisseurs should add Bangkok to their bucket list, as the city sees wine-obsessed establishments popping up in the streets of buzzy neighbourhoods and luxury shopping malls — each of the newcomers forging its own identity.

One of them is Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar located in Gaysorn Village, an all-in-one venue licensed by Austrian glassmaker Riedel, comprised of a wine cellar boasting over 250 labels, a retail shop displaying Riedel’s crystal wine glasses, a wine tasting area, dining rooms, a bar and most remarkably, a one-of-a-kind WineEmotion wine dispenser. Given its strong offerings, from world-class wine glasses to a carefully curated selection of wines highlighting both rarity and variety, Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar goes beyond the wine and offers a holistic wine-drinking experience like no other.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy exclusive wines by the glass or eager to learn the science behind different wine glass shapes, Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar with its outstanding features.