No matter which city, country, or continent, many of us like to share one similar ritual: enjoying a cuppa coffee.

Whether you are a globetrotter or simply a coffee enthusiast, if you’re curious about what coffee tastes like in Vietnam or Turkey, be curious no more. After all, whilst adding egg yolk over coffee might be a norm in one culture, it might be a big rule-breaking factor in another. Want to splurge on some coffee-tasting facts from around the globe? Here’s a lowdown on how coffee is served around the world.

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The Affogato in Italy

Italy is perhaps coffee’s spiritual home, and has granted the world with so many coffee lingoes — espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and many more to say. We can’t help but opt for the Italian Affogato which is a classic Italian preparation where an espresso and gelato ice cream are paired together. Nevertheless, the Affogato suffers a little bit from an identity crisis because it could be a drink or even a dessert. All you need to do is to place a scoop of gelato (vanilla or any preferred flavour) and then pour a double-shot of espresso onto it. Suit your fancy and add extra toppings like whipped cream or crumbled biscotti. 

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Türk Kahvesi in Turkey

While Turkish coffee needs no introduction, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this very famous Türk Kahvesi. More than the recipe, the unique preparation is essential when it comes to whipping up this Turkish coffee. Not to mention, the thick froth on the surface is the hallmark of its style. Also, the rule is not to add cream or milk and neither to stir it because that could simply disturb the foam.

Firstly, add some sugar and water, and bring it to a boil in the ibrik or saucepan. Then, remove from the heat and add some coffee and cardamon. Place the ibrik back to the heat until it comes to a soft boil and the coffee foam starts rising — do that twice. Once done, pour it in a demitasse cup and allow it to settle down.

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Cà phê đá in Vietnam

Coffee is almost like a national drink in Vietnam. Subtly sweet and strong, the Vietnamese iced-coffee is made with coarsely ground dark roast coffee. It is brewed straight into a cup of condensed milk with ice through a French drip filter. There is also Ca Phe Trung, a Vietnamese egg coffee, that is said to taste like tiramisu. It’s made from egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and robusta coffee. 

How is the Ca Phe Trung made? Firstly, a cup of strong dark coffee is brewed, preferably using the Vietnamese Robusta Coffee. Then, the egg yolk is separated from the egg white, and mixed it with condensed milk until a frothy mixture is formed. Add a tablespoon of brewed coffee to the mixture and continue mixing until done. Pour the egg yolk mixture on top of the coffee, and there you go. 

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The Irish coffee in Ireland

When we think of Irish Coffee, we definitely think of the marriage between coffee and booze. But it’s not just a cocktail, it’s an art of drinking through the cream. Once you make the coffee, preheat your cup and place some sugar on the rim of the cup. Pour in the hot coffee, blend in your Irish Whiskey and top it with some heavy cream. Voila.

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The Flat White in Australia

This beverage has gained much popularity around the world and its origin happens to be Down Under. The Aussies love their coffee with a double shot of espresso topped with steamed milk microfoam — The Flat White. Whilst many people think of it as a latte or cappuccino, the ratio is not the same.

How is a Flat White made? Preheat water in a pitcher and pour the milk into the steaming pitcher. Pull in a double espresso shot on the other hand. Froth it and use the spoon to continue frothing it until the microbubbles create those velvety textures. Pour the steamed milk onto the centre of the espresso and we’ve got the Aussie coffee.

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