If you could pour the beauty of Bangkok into a tea cup, what would it taste like? Like the fragrant jasmine of the puang malai flower garlands decorating the shrines around town? Like a wave of rich spices as they are melded together in a mortar and pestle in the local market? Or like the warmth of the sun as it sets over Lumpini and its skyscrapers?

Bangkok is a city bursting with flavour and personality, and it’s evident in our wildly impressive culinary scene. And whilst coffeeshop culture is very much a thing, and tea houses are scattered few (yet highly notable) about town, not many people know that there are actually a number of exclusive Bangkok tea blends brewing around town.

Going a little bit beyond your morning ChaTraMue cha yen run, these teas are normally locally-sourced and exclusively blended for sipping in the city. They’re inspired by the deep heritage and the vibrant cosmopolitan life of the locals, and can only be found right here in the capital. Beyond your average call for a waan noi roadside iced tea order (though, we’ll admit, that’s always a sweet treat), we’ve sussed out and put together a list of exclusive Bangkok tea blends you probably never knew about. Here’s exactly what you need to be sipping for your next afternoon parttea.