You’ve probably heard of wine sommeliers, but did you know that water sommeliers exist too?

That’s right — where formerly wines, watches, and wheels were the hottest items on the luxury collector’s list, luxury bottled waters are coming up as a somewhat unsettling and surprising contender. Going beyond your regular grocery store supply, a select number of companies are going the extra mile, quite literally, to find unique sources of water to develop different carbonations, colours, and tastes to the regular drinking experience. Often packaged in artful and extravagant bottles, these are not to be compared with your regular morning sips, but rather savoured on a special occasion. Much like champagne, except, it’s water.

Whether you’re somewhat of a self-proclaimed water connoisseur or simply looking for a reminder to drink more of the stuff, read ahead to find out all about the wonders of volcanic, glacial, and iceberg waters, packaged in wondrous glass and diamond-encrusted bottles and sourced from posh peaks and artisanal aquatic areas. Richly informative or downright ridiculous, it’ll definitely make you want to pop some bottles (of water).