It’s no secret that Bangkok’s bar scene has been up and buzzing for a while now. Between trendy speakeasies and spectacular rooftop bars, it’s an exciting time to go drinking in the city. And yet, whilst gin cocktails and wine bars will always be popular, a new trend is on the rise, and we’ve got the list to prove it.

Where mocktails were previously most commonly reserved for pregnant women or underaged children, the demand for non-alcoholic drinks comes with a wave of healthier lifestyle choices and a move towards vibrant nights out without the following hangover. Yet where ‘mocktail’ used to merely mean as much as ‘fresh juice and soda’, many bars are updating their drinks lists to incorporate cleverly concocted beverages, showcasing thoughtful creations that are prepared with similar precision to their alcoholic counterparts.

As more bars in Bangkok are opening up to this idea, we’ve put together a list of our favourite mocktails of the moment, featuring local flavours and colourful inspirations — without the dreary morning-after consequences.