We’re going to find love this year. We’re going to excel in our careers. We’re going to gain and attain both health and wealth. Most hopefully, it’s going to be a prosperous 2019. Yet the greatest horoscopic question of the year remains unanswered: what will we be sipping?

Taking to the stars from a tall glass and a telescope on one of Bangkok’s countless rooftop bars, we’ve put together a list of alcoholic spirits suited to each zodiac sign for 2019. Whether you’re a fiery Leo or a calm and collected Pisces, there’s a liquor that embodies each of the zodiac signs – a ‘spirit’ animal, so to speak – sure to set the tone for any and all of your coming nights out.

As you read, sip lightly, and if anything, let it merely get you into the spirit of things for the new year. Cheers.

Featured and hero image credit: Ash Edmonds/Unsplash