There’s nothing like a hot (or cold) cup of tea after a long day. Where coffee acts like hardcore rocket fuel and keeps you going for many mornings, tea reaches out homely and hospitable, like a warm hug during your dreamiest hour. From soothing aromas to sensual flavours, there’s almost something spiritual about drinking tea — from the careful selection of loose leaves, to the gently timed brewing and elaborate serving of the cup.

Aiming to capture this feeling within a menu and an ambiance, we’ve curated a list of Bangkok’s five best tea rooms. Between fine china cups and canapés, there’s everything from creative afternoon tea menus to imaginative culinary tea adaptations, as well as a one-of-a-kind Bangkok blend. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur or a coffee-lover here in curious disguise, have a look through these Bangkok tea rooms listed below, and get sipping.