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A Chiang Mai cafe is serving LALISA Coffee inspired by Blackpink Lisa’s Thai costume

If you’re in need of some caffeine to boost your energy after endless hours of practising the LALISA dance moves, this cafe in Chiang Mai may be a great place to unwind.

While it’s no secret that Chiang Mai boasts many a cool coffeeshop, Black Biscuit definitely tops our list this week with the unveil of their LALISA coffee menu. Inspired by the Thai k-pop artist’s stunning look in her debut solo album music video, the coffee is a definite must-‘gram for any BLINK out there.

Delicately re-creating Lisa’s beautiful Asava dress and head gear from the LALISA video, the coffee comes served in a champagne glass with a similar Thai-style crown at its top. Its makers claim it embodies much of Lisa’s energy, serving as a strong yet sweet refreshment. It is made with berries, honey, lemon, and extra dark cocoa, as well as a generous sprinkling of gold glitter, because of course.

It’s not the first time Black Biscuit Cafe & Bar succumbs to the Blackpink hype. Earlier this year, the cafe also launched three other menu items inspired by the Korean girl band. These included ALWAYS You Rose Dirty Coffee, MARRY Me Rose Jelly Panacotta with Espresso, and BLACK Pink Black Cocoa with Strawberry Milk.

Black Biscuit Cafe & Bar in Chiang Mai is not the only one to want to replicate Lisa’s various LALISA looks. Fans and celebrities alike have been doing the dances and dressing the part. Whilst the video has been out for almost a month now, there’s no denying that the hype around Blackpink’s Lisa sees no slowing down just yet.

Find out more at Black Biscuit Cafe & Bar Chiang Mai.

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