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The coffee capsule you should go for, according to your zodiac sign

Wondering what kind of coffee to drink this morning? Ask your zodiac sign.

Reshaping global coffee culture, Nespresso has revolutionised the way we enjoy coffee by wrapping up a perfect cuppa into a coffee capsule. Now that we have them in our lives, let’s admit it, it’s a little hard to go back to basics. However, if you’re anything like us, you might also be quite overwhelmed with so many choices to explore. To make it easier for you, we’ve handpicked flavours from Nespresso’s collection of capsules to tell you which one you should be brewing this morning, according to your zodiac sign. It’s written in the stars.

[All images courtesy of Nespresso Thailand]


Ristretto Decaffeinato 

Because your bold and exuberant energy loves the roast-y but balanced out coffee hitting the soft chocolate notes. The fruity taste makes decaf so mysterious, just like you. Intensity: 10.



Soothing aromas and soft surroundings are your sanctuaries. This espresso capsule balances the fruit flavours with lightly toasted cereal notes so that it’s low in bitterness and roastiness — and way more harmonious. Intensity: 4.



Your whimsical nature and curious head need the power of Arabica to seize the day. The dense, velvety texture is the delicious dark blend you’ve been looking for. Very creamy. Very Gemini. Intensity: 9.



Flowery and bright, your endearing nature and compassionate vibe always reflect your loyalty. This fruity, rich taste is incredibly aromatic — with a punch of ripe fruit to delicate orange blossom notes. Less bitter, more sweet. Intensity: 4.



You love being in the spotlight just like the queen of the jungle. Capriccio is a unique espresso with deep, complex layers of surprisingly refreshing espresso coffee that suits your vibe. It’s one balanced bouquet of dancing delight. Intensity: 5.



Your dedication and practical approach to life keep you on your toes. Indulge in the balanced, Volluto brings a graceful harmony of sweet and biscuity notes. It’s very diverse, yet quite present. It’s like the comfort of smelling a freshly-baked brioche. Intensity: 4.


Ispirazione Roma

You bring balance and stability to the lives of your loved ones. Between the strength of the roastiness and the deep tones of the woodsy cereal notes, this Intenso Ispirazione Roma is like a dose of elegance. Perfectly balanced. Intensity: 8.



You are sassy, passionate, and extremely curious. The Indian Arabica is all about intense, woody, and spicy aromatics from the monsooned Robusta blend. Clearly, the heavy, syrupy coffee you need. Intensity: 11.



Cheerful and adventurous, your optimism level tells us that you don’t really like sitting still. The rich, velvety vanilla flavour boasts notes of malty caramel and toasted cereal that will give your tastebuds some comfort and soothe your day. Intensity: 6.


Envivo Lungo

Your ambitiousness is your true quality and you are always out and about to refuel your energy. Sip the Envivo Lungo to awaken your senses as it flaunts dark tones of aromatic woods, notes of caramel and gingerbread. This long black coffee pod will prepare you to dance into the day. Intensity: 9.



A very happy-go-lucky person who has out-of-the-box creative ideas and a wild imagination. Go for the vivacious coffee that will taste like winey red fruit notes of blackcurrant and cranberry. The seductive aroma makes it irresistible for all Aquarius’ out there. Intensity: 6.



Your selfless nature is what attracts most of the positivity that surrounds you. This sensitive soul deserves a dose of Ciocattino — chocolate flavoured coffee. Here’s when Levant’s roasted aroma marries the dark choice flavour that with caramelised roast notes distinct cocoa. Dark, rich, and classic. You just got lucky. Intensity: 6.

Wondering where to buy the coffee capsules? Purchase them online or head to their boutiques in Bangkok.

Nespresso Boutique Siam Paragon, 56, Siam Paragon Department Store Floor 1 Unit #01, 991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok.

Nespresso Boutique ICONSIAM, 299 ICONSIAM Shopping center 1 Fl, Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok.

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