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6 oat milk brands to buy in Bangkok

The rise of oat milk to the local food industry is a noteworthy one. It is a dairy-free alternative that is better for the environment, so why not embrace it in our own homes?

Our lifestyle will leave a lasting impact on the environment, but we can make small changes as individuals to try and improve the way we’re living. Opting for plant-based milk is one of the ways.

Although other plant-based alternatives like almond milk or even coconut milk are available, arguably, oat milk is a better option. Almond milk or other nut milk will always run the risk for those with nut allergies. Usually made with just oats, water, and salt, oat milk has a simple ingredient list. This makes it an easy option for those with strict dietary restrictions.

With places like Starbucks adding oat milk to one of its dairy alternatives, and even 7-Eleven bringing it to its shelves, here we’ve listed some other oat milk brands you should know about in Bangkok.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: MYLK by Plantiful]

Packed full of nutrients, plant-based café Plantiful has launched a new oat milk product. This is dairy-, soy-, nuts-, and preservative-free with no added sugar. It is also high in omega-3 and fibres. They have only one flavour, but in two different sizes: a 250 mL bottle and a 1000 mL bottle. Featuring cute packaging, the oat milk can be bought on Instagram or Line with ease, and they deliver three times a week.

Price: THB 90/250ml and THB 180/1L


[Image credit: MYLK by PLANTIFUL]

The UFC Velvet Oat Milk is one that is the easiest to access. It can be found at nearly all major grocery stores as well as your local 7-Eleven. They offer their oat milk in two sizes: a 180ml carton, and a 1 litre carton. The unsweetened oat milk is made from organic oats and is the best price-sensitive option.

Price: THB 20/180ml; THB 89/1L


[Image credit: UFC Velvet]

3 /6

Oat la la! is another brand that is available on Instagram. Made from Australian rolled oats, their oat milk comes in a 220ml bottle and a 1 litre bottle, comes in a variety of different flavours. These include ‘So original’ oat milk along with others like ‘Vanilla baby’, ‘Choc it out’ or ‘Thai tea.’ They also have new flavours consistently being added to their menu.

Price: THB 65/220ml; THB 280/1L


[Image credit: Oat la la!]

Much like UFC Velvet, Pureharvest is is easily accessible, but a little bit more expensive. Made from whole grain oats instead of rolled oats, this brand is imported from Australia. This oat milk is only available in litre cartons. With the added calcium, it’s a great option to go with your morning cereal.

Price: THB 125/1L


[Image credit: Pureharvest]

5 /6

OATFARM introduces innovative ideas for their oat milk. Along with their original oat milk, they also have strawberry oat milk with real strawberries, chocolate milk made from cocoa nibs, and their bubble oat milk tea, to name a few. They deliver every Wednesday and Saturday so don’t forget to pre-order your drinks through their Instagram beforehand.

Price: THB 65/250ml


[Image credit: OATFARM]

6 /6

Oatly is arguably the oat milk that started it all. The Swedish brand makes oat milk substitutes for just about anything you can think of. From milk to yogurt to ice cream, this company has thought of it all. You can find their one litre milk cartons online through independent retailers.

Price: THB 250/1L


[Image credit: Oatly]

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