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Where to order plant-based milk in Bangkok

With a growing demand for dairy substitutes, lactose-free and plant-based milk is dominating the market like never before.

Dairy milk alternatives for lactose-intolerant people are becoming more accessible in Bangkok, especially when it comes to plant-based milk. In fact, more lactose-tolerant people are turning to this alternative due to the rise in awareness regarding the environment and its health benefits, too. Whilst several mainstream brands of lactose-free milk are readily available in the supermarket, a handful of small businesses in Bangkok are also offering their own renditions of plant-based milk. Here, we’ve curated a list where you can order in Bangkok. Whether you’re lactose-intolerant or not, some of these may soon become your pantry staple.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Kebbio via Facebook]

Sonut Milks is a true haven for nut milk lovers. They’ve got you covered with two different kinds of milk blends, from almond-macadamia to almond-walnut-hazelnut. They also make special flavoured milks using nut milk as the base, and these include chocolate cookie cream and purple sweet potato.

[Image Credit: Sonuts Milk]

If you’re into oat milk, you have to check out Oat la la! You’re not just getting the benefits from the oats, but also the fabulous minerals from the Himalayan salt that they’ve incorporated. Aside from the popular Thai tea flavour, be on the lookout for their seasonal flavours as well.

[Image Credit: Oat la la!]

3 /10

Kebbio prides itself in locally and ethically sourced ingredients, and they’re one of the winners of last year’s Best Plant Milk Brand Award. Their ultra-creamy cashew milk is available in four flavours, and our favourite is the cacao and dates. It gives the boost of energy that you need to go about your day.

[Image Credit: Kebbio]

4 /10

If you think that wholesome sesame milk is nowhere to be found in Bangkok, you’re wrong. Sesamilk gives you the option to choose between white or black sesame. It’s free of nuts and gluten, and it’s the perfect milk for all tahini-lovers.

[Image Credit: Sesamilk]

5 /10

Bebeans is where you can get the freshest soy and almond milk. You can enjoy it right from the bottle or heat it in a microwave for a warm cuppa. Our top picks are the malted soy milk and honey almond milk. They’ve got that creamy, fulfilling, and satisfying taste.

[Image Credit: Bebeans]

Nothing can be compared to the freshly made oat-flax milk from Mylk By Plantiful. In addition to the 250ml bottle, it’s available in a 1,200ml milk jug to help you get through the week without a fuss. Caution: it’s really hard to get off this stuff once you’re hooked.

[Image Credit: Mylk By Plantiful]

7 /10

Looking for a healthier version of bubble milk tea? Oat Farm is for you. The aroma of Taiwanese Assam black tea leaves blend wonderfully with their oat milk without compromising on flavours. Coupled with low-calories and gluten-free pearls, you can pamper your sweet tooth without worrying about guilt, or lactose.

[Image Credit: Oat Farm]

Drinking the cold-pressed sprouted almond and cashew milk blend from Seek Plant-based is equivalent to having more than 60 nuts in one go. We particularly like that they sweeten their flavours using healthy coconut nectar, and we highly recommend their young rice and roasted almond cold brew latte especially. As it turns out, coffee lovers can still enjoy milk, too.

[Image Credit: Seek Plant-based]

When it comes to Mamii Soymilk, choosing between the original and black sesame flavour might be a tough choice. Nonetheless, the superb combination of fresh soy milk and tofu sheets will have you going back for seconds or even thirds.

[Image Credit: Mamii Soymilk]

Start your day right with the freshly made almond milk from Wakeup Call Fresh. While it pairs well with your breakfast cereal or granola, it makes an awesome matcha latte too.

[Image Credit: Wakeup Call Fresh]

Where to order plant-based milk in Bangkok

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