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10 St. Patrick’s Day cocktails to make at home this 17 March

Whilst St. Patrick’s Day isn’t so big a thing in Thailand, we love a good excuse to shake up some cocktails. Celebrated today on March 17, here are some St. Patrick’s Day cocktails you could shake up at home.

We know we are indulging in everything green when it is St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrated every March 17, it began as a religious holiday but over the years it has been adapted into an Irish celebration that is synonymous with parades, good luck charms and all things green.

The colour green is associated with Ireland’s nickname, The Emerald Isle. The island nation’s flag also bears a green stripe representing Catholics, which is also said to influence the symbolism.

We love spending time with loved ones and a good assortment of delectable food and drinks that make the celebrations worthwhile. But while planning your menu, don’t forget to add some festive and refreshing cocktails to it.

You don’t need to have the good ‘luck of the Irish’ or prepare extensively to make your cocktails. We have listed some of the simplest ones for you to try out this St. Patrick’s Day. The best thing being, you can make these at home.

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St. Patrick’s Day cocktail recipes to try at home

Green Apple Sangria

If you are looking for a refreshing green cocktail during the holiday, then your search ends right here. And yes, this can also be a light and fun drink to serve your guests especially on St Patrick’s Day. And you simply need white wine, ginger ale and green apples.

For more variety in your bubbly drink, you can use champagne, club soda or sparkling water.

Cut the apples into thin slices and place them at the bottom of the pitcher and add white wine and ginger ale to fill it completely. Mix and chill for at least two hours before you enjoy this refreshing beverage with your loved ones.

Green Beer

You cannot miss out on green beer while planning your Patrick’s Day cocktail menu.

All you need is a bottle of green food colouring or dye, a beer mug and your favourite light-coloured beer. You can also add wheatgrass, spinach, spirulina or matcha if you prefer natural food dye. Alternatively, you can purchase a packet of green dye powder if that’s available.

Add one to five drops of the green food colouring into each mug. Start with one drop if you prefer a mild taste. Now pour the beer and mix well. Make sure the beer is chilled before serving or consuming.

Shamrock Sour

If you want your green drink to have a shamrock garnish, you must try this Irish inspired cocktail.

Get yourself a pitcher and add some ice, lemon and lime juice. Now muddle them together with Irish whiskey, simple syrup and a drop or two of any green food colouring. Shake it until it becomes chilled and green

Now strain this into cocktail glasses and serve immediately.

Sparkling Shamrock Champagne

With St. Patrick’s Day round the corner, one may celebrate the Irish culture with Irish ale, car bombs and green hued beer, but if you want something fun, we suggest a bubbly green cocktail that is a little sweet and pleasant looking as well.

Grab a chilled dry champagne, some melon liqueur, honeydew balls and some sugar mixed with green food colour. Always begin with dipping the rim of your cocktail glass in sugar. Now pour the melon liqueur first, followed by champagne. Put melon balls on toothpicks, smeared in sugar and keep them on top of the champagne flutes.

Make sure to drop extra melon balls just before serving so that you can experience maximum bubble pleasure with added sweetness.

Lime Gimlet

This would be one of the easiest green drinks you can relish during Patrick’s Day. This citrus flavoured cocktail needs sugar syrup, gin and lime juice. Once you combine them all, keep it in your fridge to chill.

Ensure you are serving this simple cocktail with some lemon slices for that extra green element.

Jello Shots

Do we need a reason or season to love jello shots? Now if you want to give them an Irish touch, then maybe you can use the colours of the Ireland flag or else you can make them with lime jello. You can also make them with or without alcohol. For today, we are sharing an inexpensive, kid-friendly jello shots recipe with you so enjoy!

Take plastic shot glasses and add lime jello, sweetened condensed milk and more jello in three layers. Make sure each layer is refrigerated for at least 20-30 minutes so that it gets firmed up for you to add the next layer. Keep it refrigerated.

Right before serving, you can add whipped cream or sprinkles to make them look super cute. However, you can add vodka or white rum for an alcohol variant.

Apple Martini

How about an appletini that is made from scratch and reminds you of the crisp and restoring Fall season? Here’s our take on the Apple Martini.

Combine sour apple liqueur, vodka, lemon juice and honey in a cocktail mixer and keep stirring till the honey dissolves completely. Now add some ice and keep shaking for one minute continuously, till you feel that the beverage is extremely chilled.

Now strain into pre-chilled martini glasses and enjoy your Patrick’s day cocktail.

Baileys St. Patrick’s Shake

One of the green cocktails for Saint Patrick’s Day, which we highly suggest is this Irish cream liqueur treat. Get yourself milk, Baileys and mint chocochip ice cream and blend them in your mixer .

Swirl some chocolate syrup on top of the glasses and pour the thick shake into them. You can also add more whipped cream, mixed nuts, or mint as garnish. Serve immediately.

Mint Shamrock Martini

Ever wondered if you can have a green cocktail that is made from coffee liqueur? This Irish treat needs only four ingredients, a cocktail shaker and some glasses. Combine coffee liqueur, crème de menthe, Irish cream liqueur and a little half-and-half in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Pour this delicious green drink into your glasses and don’t forget to add some mint leaves, whipped cream and chocolate shavings as garnish. Didn’t we tell you it was that simple?

Lime Punch

If you are looking for another refreshing drink, you can prepare and serve this green coloured pineapple punch. We are certain that your guests will be utterly delighted by the colour and taste of the drink.

In a large pitcher, mix lemon-lime drink mix, sugar, cold water, ginger ale and pineapple juice until sugar and drink mix gets dissolved. Refrigerate for around an hour before serving.

This article first appeared on Augustman Malaysia.

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