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Thirsty Thursday: 5 milkshakes we tried and often still dream about

The truth about milkshakes is that they very rarely suck — but when they’re good, they’re great.

And in search of greatness given the gravities of many a serious situation in the outside world right now, this Thirsty Thursday, we asked the team to put together a list of some of the best milkshakes they ever had in Bangkok.

Granted, many were quick to call out milkshakes at regular fast food joints or even that malty chocolate floaty thing at Starbucks and Kamu, so consider this list a bit of a special one. These are standout milkshakes. We still meet them in our foodie fantasies. We still slurp them when we’re sleepy. And if your dreams too are made of these, read right on.

[Featured and Hero Image Credit: Sara Cervera/Unsplash]

milkshakes bangkok
Image Credit: Guss Damn Good/Unsplash

For ice cream lovers

Everyone on the team (especially our Arts & Culture Writer) is an ice cream lover. Thereby, we went straight to the home of damn good ice cream at Guss Damn Good when we thought of a traditional yet indulgent milkshake in Bangkok.

Their milkshakes do not hold back at all, be it the classic Malted Vanilla Shake (THB 240) or the Butter Crunch Shake (THB 240) with pretzels. Pro tip, though? Snazz things up a little and go down a fancier route by ordering a coffee-based Affogato. We love the Matcha one featuring ‘naughty honey’ as well as the Mr Boston Affogato with a shot of Triple Sec (post-alcohol-ban).

milkshakes bangkok
Image Credit: 25 Degrees

For the kind of person who dips a French fry into their milkshake

There’s always the one.

Some people add orange juice to their cereal, some eat their sandwiches with crisps, and some dip fries into their milkshakes. We know this because we have personally witnessed our Dinings Writer dip a fry into said milkshake at 25 Degrees one weekend, and to be completely honest, it looked delicious.

25 Degrees has long been known as a late-night haunt for party-goers and bar-hoppers alike. They serve a mean selection of burgers (and killer curly fries, too), alongside a classic milkshake menu. Presented diner-style in tall glasses like on Riverdale with whipped cream and a cherry on top, there’s a very American feel to it, even from the heart of Silom. Stick to the typical here, and go for the Chocolate & Banana (THB 120 or THB 160 with malt), or spring a little out of the box with the Green Tea Shake (THB 120).

Image Credit: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

A nice brunch accompaniment

Sometimes you want the milkshake to be the star, and other times you want it to twinkle alongside other stars on the table. For this kind of occasion, the whole team agrees on the Chocolate Shake (THB 190) at Roast.

Boasting a smooth texture with just the right amount of chocolate, the milkshake here is not too overpowering. This is great because it means you could order two or three or seven throughout your meal, as it feels almost like a natural extension to chocolate milk (plus a few calories). We’ll also give props to the Salted Vanilla (THB 190) here too because we love a touch of Fleur de Sel to go with the sweetness, but still: Chocolate Number 1.

Image Credit: Sebastian Coman Photography/Unsplash

Fancy, but still a milkshake

Sometimes a great milkshake in Bangkok can be found where you least expect it. Thereby a bakery or pastry shop is always an interesting place to try.

Our Dining Writer loves the Strawberry Milkshake at Brioche from Heaven, the bakery earning much acclaim for their super ‘grammable and superbly delicious buns.

Patissez also makes a selection of toppling milkshakes (or freakshakes) and our Editor reminisces about a rose milkshake from Laduree a long time ago in London. Do they serve these in Bangkok? We give you the mission to find out.

milkshakes bangkok
Image Credit: Sara Cervera/Unsplash

And for those who know that the only way is chocolate

We wanted to stay away from common chains but our Events Writer insisted: the milkshakes from Godiva are really good. And you don’t want to anger a chocoholic.

Swearing on both the White and Dark Chocolate Milkshake (THB 195) and the more intoxicating Chocolixirs (THB 230), Godiva is renowned for their chocolate, so the stakes are incredibly high. Rest assured: they are met, combining the perfect balance of richness to creaminess, and indulgent drinkability.

On that note, we also want to give a special mention to Brave Roasters, who also provided intensely caffeinated and chocolate-filled milkshakes to half of the team when we were out for a shoot. With a vast selection to choose from, some of us still dream of that day — and still want to work our way through the creative and large menu that is shaking things up quite a bit.

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