Bangkok’s drinks industry is thriving more than ever, and as your trusted insiders and late-night sippers at all of the city’s trendiest bars, we’re always on the lookout for where to enjoy the next best tipple. Yet whilst we list new bars and new cocktail menus for you on the monthly, we couldn’t possibly fit all of our findings into one merry round-up. That’s why we’ve created Thirsty Thursday: a one-stop one-drink solution to where (and what) you should drink, every single week of the year. Featuring new standouts or old favourites, consider it a bit like your calling for when you don’t know where to go; served like a shot, but, well, in writing. See you at the bar.

This Thirsty Thursday episode is a bit of a unique one. 

Whilst we normally spotlight a particular drink at a particular bar, staying in has become the new going out as we’re practicing social distancing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re full supporters of staying home, working from home, and doing our part to save as many lives as we can. But that doesn’t mean the (solo) drinking party needs to stop. This Thirsty Thursday, we picked up a bottle of bubbly — and we think it could be the most stylish one we’ve seen in a while. 

A fresh wave of summer in a bottle, Australian wine brand Chandon has unveiled a special collaboration with swimwear brand Seafolly

Chandon x Seafolly

The beautiful campaign features designs by a local Australian artist called Gemma O’Brien, who has crafted limited edition bottles inspired by the beach and beloved summer moments. 

It’s fine timing, given that many of us are dreaming of the shores and a vacation right now. Just imagine: surf’s up and you just went for a swim, you’re sandy and you’re salty and you walk up to the beach. You huddle up in a huge towel and throw on linen resort wear. Have you got an oversized hat too? 

Chandon x Seafolly

Or you could be having a private dinner at home and it’s a light and elegant pregame. You could be on your balcony at sunset, breathing in the lack of PM2.5 circling Bangkok for the first time in a while. You could be Netflix and Chilling, and it’s a fine accompaniment. 

Whatever your sipping moment of choice, this Thirsty Thursday, we’re enjoying a fashionable Chandon x Seafolly sparkling wine. The bottle definitely brightens up the home as we’re staying in more, too. 

Chandon x Seafolly

For more information, visit Chandon Thailand

Lisa Gries
Managing Editor, Bangkok
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