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Thirsty Thursday: do you even infuse your water, bro?

Remember spa water?

As we’re practicing social distancing and undeniably drinking a lot more (Vino O’Clock starts at 12pm now), there’s inarguably no time like the present to be taking extra care of your health. That’s why for this rendition of Thirsty Thursday, we’re infusing not gin or vodka but plain old water with vitamin-rich fruit.

Easier to make than a juice or a smoothie, and conveniently delicious for the drinker who is not drinking enough water, infused waters are possibly the most ‘grammable sibling in the healthy drinks family. Gorgeous to look at, they require minimum effort on the part of their maker, and host a great variety of benefits: digestion, metabolism, immune system boosts; you name it.

Here, we’ve put together some of our favourite fruit infused water combinations, whether you like to call them spa water, detox water, or good stuff water.

With a loose recipe of about four cups of cold water (plus ice cubes, lots of ice cubes), we suggest you infuse for at least 12 hours for maximum flavour, by chopping up the ingredients and leaving them in a jug of water in the fridge. Consume within 48 hours so as to not have your fruit go bitter, and enjoy your freshly-minted hydration boost. Cheers!

[Hero Image Credit: Kim Daniels/Unsplash]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 16 April 2020.

If you wish you were on a tropical vacation right now…

Drink your feelings and infuse you water with guava, mango, and passionfruit. It’s like a healthy cocktail.

Image Credit: Andrew Wong/Unsplash

So you think you’re as cool as a cucumber

Prove it. Infuse your water with cucumber, mint, and lemon for a refreshing spritz. And throw in some celery if you want to get adventurous with it, too.

Image Credit: Mae Mu/Unsplash

If the peach emoji is your fave

Have some real peach (though a little tricky to find in Bangkok), and infuse together with plum and mint.

Image Credit: Eric Prouzet/Unsplash

Feeling blue?

Blueberries to the rescue. A frozen pack from your neighbourhood grocery will do the trick. Infuse together with fresh basil and you’ve got an antioxidant-rich mood booster. Pro tip? Add in oranges to snazz things up a little.

Image Credit: Monika Grabkowska/Unsplash

Citrus it up

There’s no time like the present to double up on Vitamin C. Put together sliced grapefruit, lemon, and lime, and infuse overnight for a fabulous boost to the immune system.

Image Credit: Morton Xiong/Unsplash

El Clásico

Something about a strawberry and thyme infused mason jar of water is as classic as they come. Chop up about 6 strawberries for four cups of water and add 3-4 sprigs of fresh thyme. Some folks replace thyme with cucumber, and you know what? Why not?

Image Credit: Humphrey Muleba/Unsplash

El Clásico #2

Again, there’s something about the combination of raspberry and orange and mint that will probably stand the test of time.

Image Credit: Zach Inglis/Unsplash

Unconventional but great

There’s no shortage of pineapple in Thailand. Infuse your water with pineapple and — get this — one sprig of rosemary. Your tastebuds will be in for a ride.

Image Credit: Andrew Wong/Unsplash

When regular water won’t cut it

Coconut water to the rescue. Infuse it with pineapple and lime for another tropical and nutrient-packed sip.

Image Credit: Tata Zaremba/Unsplash

And if all of these seem too difficult…

Go the old school route and just do ginger. Add lime if you’re up for it. Throw in apple slices if you’re motivated. Some people like ginger with mango for an Asian flair. Or just go take a nap. This one is actually better with hot water (you could call it ‘tea’), but the cold variety works, too.

Image Credit: Kim Daniels/Unsplash

Bonus: Infused ice cubes

Remove the fruit from your infused water, then freeze it in an ice cube tray. Add it to sparkling water or mocktails (though be wary of combinations there), and you’ve got yourself yet another cheeky way to stock up on both liquid and vitamins. Cheers!

Image Credit: Victoria Wendish/Unsplash

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