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Thirsty Thursday: a petition to make Pisco Sours after dinner a thing

Bangkok’s drinks industry is thriving more than ever, and as your trusted insiders and late-night sippers at all of the city’s trendiest bars, we’re always on the lookout for where to enjoy the next best tipple. Yet whilst we list new bars and new cocktail menus for you on the monthly, we couldn’t possibly fit all of our findings into one merry round-up. That’s why we’ve created Thirsty Thursday: a one-stop one-drink solution to where (and what) you should drink, every single week of the year. Featuring new standouts or old favourites, consider it a bit like your calling for when you don’t know where to go; served like a shot, but, well, in writing. See you at the bar.

More sophisticated than a shot of vodka after dinner, and less gentleman-in-a-cigar-bar than a cognac.

On a recent visit to try Nan Bei’s new menu at the Rosewood Bangkok (it is brilliant, and more deets are to follow soon), we tried a different kind of night cap. This Thirsty Thursday, we’re sipping a Pisco Sour — before bed

[Hero and featured image credit: Lennon’s/Facebook]

Image Credit: @sonofacoin/Instagram

A vintage cocktail that has its own national holiday in both Peru and Chile, the Pisco Sour gets its name from the alcohol it contains: Pisco. It can be blended or it can be shaken, and it normally comes with egg white foam, though this too can be omitted. It is garnished with a few drops of bitters, and in some instances with cinnamon as dusting on the rim of the glass. It’s fairly spirit-forward, and begs you to savour and enjoy it. Nevertheless, it’s still fun and fresh and you have to drink it fast enough so as to not let the foam dissolve. The Pisco Sour is a fine flirt, really. 

Lennon's Rosewood Bangkok
Image Credit: Lennon’s/Facebook

This sense of personality could come from its origins, which are hotly debated even in the drinks world. Whilst some say the cocktail is of Chilean origin, others say it is of Peruvian origin, with two stories taking place at around the same time that tell of its invention. We’re not going to take sides, though it makes for great dinner conversation.

What we are going to do, though, is suggest you take the elevator up to the top of the Rosewood Bangkok, and head to Lennon’s. The interior decor alone is enough reason to check it out, what with a vinyl record store and almost-speakeasy kind of feel, with a view of the cityscape and the night sky. When there’s a DJ in house, you could bring him a record to play (from the hotel’s vast collection, or even your own). When there isn’t, the playlist is still really vibe-y. There’s also a chocolate buffet where you can select pralines for your evening. 

But back to this Pisco Sour situation. 

Pisco Sour Lennon's Rosewood Bangkok
Image Credit: Lennon’s/Facebook

After a fine dinner at Nan Bei (it really is worth it), we headed up to the top of the hotel to Lennon’s, where bar manager Daniele served up a full set of Pisco Sours for the entire dinner party. It is a drink we would have formerly associated with a fresh welcome, but as it turns out, it makes for a sweet departure, too. It is acidic enough to cut through any fat lingering on the tongue after dinner, and yet it isn’t so light that you could down it all in one go. You’ve got to enjoy it. You’ve got to give it its time. It is a nightcap fit for a king; the kind that strays a little way away from the mainstream, and likes a bit of Latin American flair. 

In trying times like these (we don’t want to drop the C-word again but you get it), it’s important to up your Vitamin C intake. This Thirsty Thursday, we’re all about fresh lime juice as a boost to the immune system post-meal and pre-bed (plus Italia Pisco, and sugar, and egg white, of course). 

Lennon’s, Rosewood Bangkok, 1041/38 Phloem Chit Rd., Bangkok, +66 2 080 0030; Open daily 7pm-1am.

Lennon’s is also launching a new drinks menu very soon. Stay tuned.

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