One of the many things we love about Bangkok is that the city is never lacking of new trendy bars to check out. In the run-up to the April festivities, this month is a quiet one in terms of new bar openings, albeit a varied one. Bangkok continues to ride the wave of the trend for Korean bars, natural wines, and creative mixology, all the while keeping things relaxed and fuss-free — perhaps as a calm before the Songkran storm. From ocean-inspired drinks to a bar fully decked out in blue, here are all the new spots you need to sit, toast, and clink at this month.

Featured and Hero image credit: Dr Fetch

Where to drink Bangkok March: Dr Fetch

Dr Fetch

For when the coast feels like an ideal escape from the chaos of Bangkok, a new bar has opened to welcome seaside swooners for an ocean-themed evening. Yet Dr Fetch is not your regular beach-themed haunt. Dubbing itself an ‘Ocean Laboratory Bar’, bartenders are dressed in lab coats and call themselves ‘Cocktail Professors’ (yup), serving up a host of wildly Instagrammable cocktails. The concept (or perhaps the formula) is that they’re applying chemistry, biology, and geology to their drinks, resulting in sweet and fun sips that rack up highly in creativity scores. Try the ‘Misty Shores’ (THB 400) made up of a wild mix of peanut butter, banana syrup, honey, nutmeg, coconut cream, and sea grapes. It’s really geeky — in a curiously cool way. Also, it’s located atop Octo Seafood where you can have dinner pre- or post- cocktails, and also beautifully close to Sukhumvit Soi 24’s infamous Sugar Ray. Consider your night out itinerary sorted.

Dr. Fetch, 2/F, Octo Seafood Bar, 88/22 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, +66 99 496 3388, Open daily 8pm-1am

 Where to drink Bangkok March: Stocq & Shaqer

Stocq and Shaqer

As Bangkokians fall more and more in love with the laid-back allure of Mediterranean cuisine and culture, Stocq and Shaqer has opened as the perfect post-work spot to enjoy these vibes. Set within a clean, almost Art Deco interior, the restaurant has something very European about it, between photographs on the walls by noted artists, and pops of green from plants between the white walls and furnishings. The bar takes a more vintage American design approach, serving drinks of an equal charm. We weren’t joking when we said the spot was an after-work hangout, what cocktails named ‘I Hated My Boss Before I Quit My Last Job’ (THB 260) gracing the menu. Try the ‘When Mary Drinks a Cosmo’ (THB 380) for a blend between a classic Bloody Mary and a Cosmopolitan, and pair it with some Mediterranean tapas as a bar snack. It’s very chill, it’s very unwind-welcoming. Wave ‘adios’ to your worries.

Stocq and Shaqer, 51 Sukhumvit Soi 26, Bangkok, +66 2 108 8855, Open daily 9am-1am

Where to drink Bangkok March: Dr Fetch

Wine Hundreds

Was Sathorn really lacking another trendy bar? No. But do we love it every time yet another trendy bar opens in the area? Of course we do. Located on the buzzing and beloved Soi 11 atop the even moreso buzzing and beloved Super Seoul Café, Wine Hundreds has opened as a new wine bar of an intriguing kind. They’re serving not only the European wines we know and love, but a selection of Korean wines too. Try the Bokbunjaju (THB 285/glass or THB 1450/bottle), or go full Korea and order the Makgeolli Pot (THB 550/set), which is a hefty rice wine paired with Sprite. The bar follows an outdoor theatre concept, and has a bit of a rooftop barbecue kind of flair. We’re talking brick walls, wooden furnishings, and a really Instagram-worthy light sign that reads ‘I need a glass of wine or a bottle or a winery in Italy.’ Also, they serve bingsu (THB 150) here too, so fret not for the post-drinking munchies. Win win.

Wine Hundreds, 52 Soi Sathorn 11, Bangkok, +66 81 881 7767, Open Fri-Sat 7pm-12am

Where to Drink Bangkok March: The Rose Natural Wine Bar

The Rose Natural Wine

Natural wine is having a bit of a hot moment in Bangkok and beyond, with more and more restaurants and bars taking a liking and a loving to sustainable vino. The Rose Natural Wine Bar is a perfect example. The relaxing and downright romantic wine bar is Thonglor’s first natural wine bar, and whilst the words ‘Thonglor’ and ‘wine bar’ may seem like a recipe pretentious pairing, the atmosphere here is surprisingly low-key. The menu fits onto a single page, with wines sourced from Australia to Germany and beyond. It’s an intimate atmosphere to talk wine (or anything else), between candles and seductively heavy curtains. Be you somebody who knows a lot about wine or be you somebody who hasn’t a clue, we love the juxtaposition here between know-how and want-to-know-how in a comfortable, at-ease environment.

The Rose Natural Wine Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok, +66 81 553 3585, Open Wed-Sun 7pm-12am

 Where to drink Bangkok March: Casa Blue

Casa Blue

It’s no secret where this new bar gets its name from; you can spot it as soon as you head down onto Nang Linchi Road. Blue really is the warmest colour at Casa Blue, a retro-style beer bar serving hearty comfort food to suit. The selection for beer lovers here is generous, with craft and local beers from both Asia, Europe, and America served from over ten taps. It’s a fun trip for the beer-loving taste buds, whereby you could pair Bavarian pork knuckle with a German Weizen or an American IPA with baked clams. It has something lightly reminiscent of Suanplu’s beloved Junker & Bar, with a warm environment and a homey feel — but instead of gin, make it beer. We can’t complain.

Case Blue Craft Brews & Delicacies, 88 TTN Avenue, Thanon Nang Linchi, Bangkok, +66 99 449 2233, Open Mon-Sat 6pm-1am

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