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Where to order cold-pressed juice in Bangkok

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing cold-pressed juice on a hot day. Here’s where you can order it for delivery in Bangkok.

A healthier alternative to your pre-packaged juices, cold-pressed juices are mostly made from only natural and organic ingredients. Often with no added sugar or water, you’re getting the most juice for your squeeze. Tasty and available in a range of flavours, here’s where you can order the best cold-pressed juices in Bangkok for delivery.

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cold-pressed juice bangkok

My Juice

From farm to bottle, My Juice offers cold-pressed juices with fresh ingredients selected directly from ethical and organic farms. They also use the Greentest device to test the nitrate of their ingredients. Thereby, you can ensure that it’s fresh, clean, free from harmful chemicals, and tasty. Apart from the single bottles, they offer juice cleanse programs that include different juices from 3 to 5 days.

Find out more: My Juice 

PASH Juices

Are you familiar with these adorable bottles? PASH Juices could formerly be spotted everywhere from Central Food Hall to AfterYou. For now, you can order their natural and pure cold-pressed juices via an online shop as well. On their website, they even describe the health benefits of each individual juice, so you really know what you’re getting.

Find out more: PASH Juices

cold-pressed juice bangkok
Image Credit: Veggiology


Veggiology is known as an organic cafe and juice bar, healthy and sustainable. They have over 27 selections of cold-pressed juices, including special, seasonal, and superfood booster juices. Appealing to all family members, there is even a kids’ menu at Veggiology, so that you can convince your little ones to consume more fruit and veggies, too.

Find out more: Veggiology

cold-pressed juice bangkok
Image Credit: ChumCham


Cold-pressed juices come better with cutesy packaging at ChumCham. As its Thai name suggests, ChumCham is about freshness and taste. They specialise in different kinds of fruits, from coconut to mango and green apple. Seeing as it is currently mangosteen season, definitely don’t miss their cold-pressed juice featuring the queen of fruits as well.

Find out more: ChumCham

cold-pressed juice bangkok
Image Credit: MeJuice


No added sugar and water, MeJuice offers pure cold-pressed juice from organic vegetables and fruit. Plenty of savoury flavours range from Black Velvet to Blue Hawaii and Aloha, mixed with fresh ingredients. They have recommended sets for detox, weight loss, skin glow, flu fighting, and a PM 2.5 shield, too. Clever.

Find out more: MeJuice

cold-pressed juice delivery bangkok
Image Credit: Tropic City

Tropic City

We bet you didn’t know that one of Bangkok’s most beloved bars is also selling cold-pressed juice. As bars remain closed and a ban on selling alcohol online continues, the tropical bar in Charoenkrung is churning out cold-pressed juices in six different flavours. They’re available in 30ml bottles and full litre bottles, and are a great way to support the struggling industry meanwhile.

Find out more: Tropic City

Where to order cold-pressed juice in Bangkok

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