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Why everyone is talking about the new LUCARIS Wineglass Subscription

Did you know that having the perfect wine glass can enhance both wine aroma and taste? 

LUCARIS just launched its first wineglass subscription service, and after launching on YouTube, already has an impressive two million hits on the video. 

The LUCARIS Wineglass Subscription grabbed eyeballs from wine lovers all over, as drinking wine at home has become as normal as can be during this new normal phase. Asia’s first real luxury crystalware brand, the subscription allows wine connoisseurs to learn about different types of glasses, and explore how to enjoy different beverages from them. 

[All images via Facebook/LUCARIS Crystal]


If you fancy a go, then LUCARIS is offering the Wineglass Subscription for THB 4,200, allowing members to choose up to 12 wine glasses with their favourite designs. The wineglasses can be ordered online and delivered right to your doorstep with free shipping twice within six months. They have a total retail value of about THB 7,140, so it’s quite a good deal.

But that’s not it. It’s an unwritten rule that to enjoy our wine, we need to pair it with good food, and that’s why LUCARIS is offering special privileges for subscribers, including an exclusive discount of 15% from at Foodie Collection venues including 80/20, iL Fumo, 1919, La Dotta, and Vesper. You can also get a 30% discount for any product from Wine Dee Dee. 

Interested? For more detail, visit: www.lucariscrystal.com.  

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